Testimonials from real ones

I love this podcast! I look forward to the episode drop every week. My favorite thing about the show is that sometimes they have different opinions or views but they can still have a chill conversation. I appreciate the different perspectives! The podcast is really insightful at times and at other times really silly (duality is truly a thing) but always entertaining. Listen to ATWC!

TR Hutch

I’m obsessed with this podcast. Their vibe is such a familiar one and they make you feel like you know them ❤️ Keep up the great work ladies.

Travel Card Holder2

I really enjoy this show! I love their vulnerability and and lack of knowing. What I mean by this is they are not afraid to admit when they don't have the answer. I enjoy the way they relate to each other and the genuine way they show up for each other. Even though i just discovered this show late last year the topics they cover leave me wanting to do the work to be better. I know this is only a glimpse of who they are, but I'm grateful they are willing to share.