You Decide on Antoinette’s Summer HighLights!

This dark hair was fun for a while but now that summer is around the corner and my hair is in a relatively healthy state it’s time for me to get it in with some color. I know anytime you go lighter, there is more risk of damage but eff it. If it gets messed up I’ll just cut it off. (Maya has me talkin reckless but inspired none the less).

Anywhoo, I need help choosing the color palette and the placement I want to go with. Below are some color combinations that I think are dope and you get to choose! Keep in mind, you have to consider what the color would look like curly and I can’t find any curly girl hightlights in google images so bare with me. I also, am set on some type of ombre effect and want to keep my roots dark so that there is no need to ever dye my eyebrows and it’s a more natural look.

 1. Jessica Biel’s Subtle Ombre Highlights

summer ombre high lights

2. Dope Jawn From Tumblr’s More Aggressive Ombre Hightlights

3. Khloe’s Light Brown and Blonde Combo

4. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hues of Golden Brown and Blonde

5. Salma Heyak’s Peek-A-Boo Brown 

For my sake, please choose wisely. Leave you pick in the comments below.

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49 thoughts on “You Decide on Antoinette’s Summer HighLights!

  1. Number 2:Dope Jawn From Tumblr’s More Aggressive Ombre Hightlights… it’s more your style and would look awesome!

  2. I love SJP’s colors!! I’m trying to do something similar. My hair’s more wavy than curly but has a ridiculous amount of frizz. And it is down my waist (if you can find it, lol).

  3. Definitely SJP! I can’t wait to see how yours come out because I’ve been considering the same thing!

  4. Definitely Jessica Beils, its not too much and if you like it it’ll fade quicker then the others will.
    And its hella cute!

  5. I looked at some of the very same pictures before I highlighted my hair about a month ago! My personal favorite is Dope Jawn from Tumblr.

  6. Where is the RED option??? I think you would look so fly with a shade of red, auburn, or a deep reddish brown. If I had to choose between the options I would go for the SJP or Khloe look. Think about the red options girl. Peace and blessings.

  7. Ha I feel you, Antoinette. I have been wanting a deep reddish-burgundy-red-wine color for about three years…The need of bleach and the need of touch ups every 4-6 weeks has stopped me. Anyways back to you mama. I like Sarah Jessica’s look. Cannot wait to see what you choose. Stay fresh <3

  8. I really like the Sarah Jessica Parker. But the Salma Hayek is also cute so that it’s not too much color for you to grow out when you’re ready.

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