Why Bey Big Chopped.


Via US Weekly

Beyonce is redefining the “Pixie Dream Girl” stereotype. On Wednesday, Aug. 7, the 31-year-old “Grown Woman” singer made headlines when she ditched her long locks in favor of a blonde pixie ‘do. No explanation was offered along with the Instagram pictures of her new hair, but her colorist, Rita Hazan, tells Us Weekly it’s a sign of Queen Bey’s self-confidence.

“I was shocked. I think she was just feeling empowered, like a strong woman, and she said she’s been feeling it for a long time,” Hazan says of the star’s stunning cropped coif. “She didn’t want to hide behind her hair in real life.”

In fact, Beyonce’s long extensions have become a big part of her onstage persona. But Hazan, for one, loves the new look. “I’m so happy because the extensions give women the wrong expectation of what their hair should look like — it’s great for onstage, but everyday women shouldn’t have or want to have five pounds of hair on their head,” she tells Us. “This hair is more natural, more realistic.”

It’s also much lighter — in more ways than one. Before Beyonce debuted the ‘do, her hair “was a honey blonde, a darker blonde,” Hazan explains. “[Dyeing] it took some time to do — like four hours — because we wanted to keep her natural color at the root so it would grow out well. We made it a champagne blonde — it’s very old Hollywood, like a Marilyn Monroe blonde.”

“This shade shows women of every color that they can wear this shade. Just make sure that it’s healthy — healthy hair will keep the color longer,” she adds. “My personal thought is that every woman can be blonde as long as it’s the right shade of blonde for your skin color. And Beyonce pulls it off!”

Good For Bey!

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5 thoughts on “Why Bey Big Chopped.

  1. I think her new do is awesome, and I was really saddened by some of the hate out there. She’s beautiful and it totally suits her, makes me want to cut my hair again!

  2. The new haircut looks awesome on her. I agree with you Shannon…it was disappointing to read some of the negative comments about Beyonce’s new haircut. Granted everyone is not going to like it and it’s their right but some of the comments were downright hateful. “Oh she’s not the first person to cut her hair, big deal.” Well no one said it was a big deal. LOL

    It just proves that you can’t please everyone so just please yourself.

    Anyhoo, it’s a great cut! I dream of cutting my hair short but not sure if it would suit me.

  3. Though I did not like the cut initially, her reasoning behind it is laudable. Too often we hide behind our hair, not realizing our full beauty. Kudos to you, Bey! I hope that other women will be inspired you as always.

  4. I really appreciate the positivity that this site breeds as opposed to many other natural hair sites. I was getting really sick of
    “it’s a wig”
    “it’s still permed, so I don’t care”
    “Bleached hair?! That ain’t natural”
    “Publicity stunt”
    “Why she gotta post it on instagram- it’s not that big of a deal.”
    “She’s trying to look white” (seriously, wtf?)
    Why can’t this just be people celebrating a woman having the strength to not hide behind hair- the weave, wigs, or the real stuff? I was actually hoping that AtWC would post something about it, just because I’ve noticed a general sense of positivity and support on this site.

    That being said, I think that she looks fabulous and that the cut is a great improvement- I can see how stunning her face is.

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