5 thoughts on “Updated Roller Set Tutorial

  1. Okay I like this post, but I have a problem with sponge rollers. I have thick hair and it NEVER drys by the time I take the rollers out. I’ve tried it about two times and it’s always damp in an area I can’t feel or touch without having to unravel the roller and by the time I do that, it’s too late and I end up looking a hot mess because I have stretched, slightly damp hair that eventually shrinks with the quickness 🙁 You have motivated me to try again though, I will make sure I have time to sit under a hooded dryer this time.

  2. iGUSTO! You are killing the game with this style. Ain’t nothing wrong with using those ole’ faithfuls! Im going straight to the hair store in the morntinnng and this will definitely be my look come Sunday for church. Keep ridin’ round and gettin’ it!!!

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