Tracee Ellis Ross Launches “Hair Love” Campaign After Our Instagram Post

Tracee Writes:

“So the other day I reposted an image that I saw on Instagram that absolutely killed me!  Seriously, I was crying with laughter.  As funny as it was, it started to stir something inside me–a bit of which I expressed in my Instagram caption– but the more I thought on it, the more I realized it needed a larger response.  So I took to my laptop and recorded a video!  Apologies for the blurriness, I’m doing my best to be more technologically savvy but apparently it’s a process, hahaha!  Anyways, hope you enjoy a bit of my hair story, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear why you LOVE YOUR HAIR!”

This is a great campaign. Please take part in it. Shanti and I will do it with you. And who really wouldn’t  want to talk hair with Tracee? You’d be buggin. But seriously, remember only love someone else’s hair as long as it is an inspiration to you to love you own. Can’t wait to see you videos. Make sure you tweet them to us.

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One thought on “Tracee Ellis Ross Launches “Hair Love” Campaign After Our Instagram Post

  1. I dont have a webcam but I do have a pic for ya. I lost all my hair from chemo over the last 2 years. I had long wavy hair before but as it grew back it came in very kinky. I had no idea how to take care of it and my family kept pickin on me and laughing at my “fro”. I kept trying different products to “defrizz” it to try to get it to lay down but nothing worked at all. Well I am now proud of my hair. This pic was taken after I brushed it so its a bit frizzy but if I pick it out it is very tight curls. If I pull my hair down it goes past my nose. Thank you for your video.

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