“The State Of Black TV” Via Andrea Lewis

Awesome video from Andrea Lewis. Andrea is a force to be reckoned with and watched because she is constantly utilizing and strengthening relationships. I think this is important for all of us to pay close attention to because it is through relationships that we grow, learn and ultimately progress personally and professionally.

In this video Andrea brings together a group of influential, writers, actors, and directors in the often marginalized word of black TV. Black imagery, marketability, support and direction is discussed. I love that is all coming from the mouths of women.

This video has touched on something I have been thinking about personally.

Question: Do you think the time will ever come that the imagery of black people on TV and in film will be able to portray universal themes that ALL people can relate to or will the white face be the only portal from which the trials and tribulations of “humanity” can be portrayed? Why or why not?

My personal opinion: I think it is going to never happen. HA! Unfortunately, being black and in the forefront the audience will always be critiquing and associating the images with blackness which is limiting and frustrating. I suppose that is goes for any face that is not white on TV or film. Maybe I am being cynical….

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2 thoughts on ““The State Of Black TV” Via Andrea Lewis

  1. hi, shanti! great post, wasn’t it? she’s the best… to answer your question- i disagree with you. i think there was a time that it happened and that it can happen again. The Cosby Show, A Different World and Family Matters. i grew up watching these shows and i LOVED them. they were human. it wasn’t a black or white thing. the power largely rests, in my opinion, with writers and directors like the wonderful women on this panel. when there is different content to consume and grassroots support is there, the networks will pay attention. we will get there, we just need to be selective on what we support. as consumers, we drive what the networks find profitable. stay positive. we are living through powerful times and need to be the change we wish to see in the world. much love xoxo

  2. It’s funny you bring up this topic because I was just thinking about it yesterday when I saw Kevin Hart promoting About Last Night. I heard that movie was a remake which had a mostly white cast in it. So I was thinking it’s the same content just a different race and people label it ” A Black Movie”. In which it really bothers me. I wish it was just a universal movie.

    I think it will honestly be a long time before movies with an all black cast become universal movies. I think the idea of “Black Movies” is still so prevalent in everyones head. I think maybe actors should start a movement or something.

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