The Holiday Giveaway (closed)

We have a giveaway for all you beautiful, deserving ladies. The gracious artisan Bridget from Gypsy Lane has agreed to give away her hand hammered set of nine Cleopatra bangles! These bangles are gorgeous and adjustable. After a few days of wearing them they achieve an antique Egyptian gold patina. Antoinette owns a pair and I had the pleasure of modeling for her online shop on
P.S If you are in search of a thin, lightweight, gold or silver hoop nose ring, Gypsy Lane is the place to go.


You must comment on this post leaving your email and the name you use on facebook then go to Gypsy Lane’s facebook and “like” her page at
The deadline for this giveaway is Wednesday November 23, 2011. The winner will be announced Thanksgiving Day on Thursday November 24th, 2011.


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58 thoughts on “The Holiday Giveaway (closed)

  1. Hello thankyou for the giveaway!!The Bangles are bangin’.
    My facebook name is : Abigail Anim
    Good Luck Y’all!!

  2. Ohhhh…purty. I wants the precious. Bangles are just about the only jewelry I wear.

    Francesca Gravatt
    francescagravatt at gmail dot com
    (Creative, I know)

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