“The Curl” is BACK!

We are excited to share the 2nd installment of “The Curl”. This video focuses on the most important aspect of maintaing healthy natural hair MOISTURE RETENTION. Watch below:

Have You Joined The Movement

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3 thoughts on ““The Curl” is BACK!

  1. GREAT VID Ladies, for a minute I thought i was watchin a scene out of “Love Jones”. Def gunna hip my wife to the VID, THANK YOU.

  2. Nice video but I didn’t get why the curly haired, Jheri-Curl wearing persons were portrayed as having a bad hair day. Why was the straight-haired girl used as an example? I’m confused but open to an explanation.

    • Jheri Curls are constantly associated with grease and oversaturation. The reference was not that jheri curls were “bad” but rather the result if someone “over seals” their hair with excessive oil. As for the straight haired beauty. She has an incredibly healthy head of hair. She is an awesome example of healthy hair habits and had a lot of knowledge to share. Straight hair does not necessarily equate to “bad” “unhealthy” hair either. Hope this helps!

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