The CURL – Episode 5 “Density” and “Trouble Spots”

“Your Hair is Only As Healthy As Your Weakest Part”

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2 thoughts on “The CURL – Episode 5 “Density” and “Trouble Spots”

  1. You are all so GORGEOUS and it’s nice seeing you get your spotlight, Antoinette! 🙂

    My last BC happened because MY weakest part had broken off so badly due to overmanipulation that it was noticeably shorter than the rest of my hair. Thing is, I thought I was doing the right thing by moisturizing and sealing and braiding every single night…! My current regimen has resulted in healthier and longer hair than ever before because of one simple yet profound rule: doing as little as possible. I could probably get away with doing more but that one patch keeps me reined in…

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