Porosity Testing – 1,2,3!

So I thought instead of boring “informational” posts (which I know ya’ll skim the hell through anyway), I thought it would be better to instead get you guys involved by testing how much you know about natural hair care techniques. Let’s see if you pass or fail…
Which of these three ingredients has a PH level closest to your hair’s natural PH level?
        a)Apple Cider Vinegar
    b)Aloe Vera Juice
c)Baking soda
 The Answer is B 
Hair has a PH level of 4.5-5.5. Aloe vera’s PH level is 4-4.5. Why is this important you ask? It is very important because the Ph level of your hair effects it’s moisture retention abilities aka porosity!. Our hair’s Ph level is effected by the practices and products that we apply to it. For example, for those that choose to perm their hair, the basic chemicals of the relaxer effect the Ph levels of the hair which effects the structure of the hair’s cuticle (you following me? Reread the sentence until you understand!) Ph levels range from very basic(refer to the PH scale 7-14) whichliftsthe
haircuticles to very acidic (1-7) whichcloses thehairscuticle.   Hair which is too basic results in the cuticles being raised. Water goes in and out with no retention which results in DRY, BRITTLE hair! Hair with a Ph level that is too acidic results in a closed cuticle therefore water can’t get in and products build up on the hair shaft resulting in DRY, DULL hair! Why does aloe vera juice matter in this rambling? It matters because it is Ph Balancing. It is closest to hair’s naturally intended Ph level and can assist in re-establishing healthy moisture retention.   Lesson Learned  Ph levels affect the moisture retention of your hair. Aloe vera juice is ph balancing and can restore your hair back to its intended ph. This results in healthy moisture retention which results in less dry, breaking hair strands.   Homework  If you are interested in reviving the moisture retention mojo back in your hair follow, this fabulous recipe created by the infamous KIMMAYTUBE. Check out this awesome video if you want to further research moisture retention/porosity. Because this recipe is fine tuned due to Ph levels you do not want to skimp or deviate from the Aloe Vera Juice. The leave in conditioner and oils can be substituted but not omitted for best results.
2 tablespoons of Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner
2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Leaf)
2 teaspoons of JoJoba Oil
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil  Mix well and Apply to clean hair.

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7 thoughts on “Porosity Testing – 1,2,3!

  1. I PASSED 🙂 so proud of myself lol, but i do still luv seeing posts like these because sometimes although you may know the information; you may not really be thinking about it…. So this just brings it back to my attention to remember how important PH balance is to hair health!!! Luv It

  2. Pass! Kimmay tube condish is what I use in my hair pretty much every week. My hair however is still dry as the desert and tangly. Sooo,gonna invest in a steamer! 🙂

  3. My hair hates anything aloe.. I don’t know why. I tried aloe vera gel in it and I felt like I poured sand into my hair. With baking soda, it BURNSSSSSES! I hated that.. it smelled like a chemical burning smell.. But my hair does like citrus/acids, so what does that mean?

  4. Make sure what you use is pure aloe vera juice…there are products out there that are mixed with chemicals and preservatives. Best to use Lily of the Valley brand from health food stores or Amazon.

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