Techniques for Maintaing Your Winter Wash and Go

For those who wet their hair everyday like me this post is for you. Here are some tips for maintaing your wet and go regimen without freezing your a** off in the winter.
What are your hair plans for the winter weather?

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9 thoughts on “Techniques for Maintaing Your Winter Wash and Go

  1. I used to blow dry my hair for a while on cold setting and from a distance and my curls have turned out perfect. But the thing is I’v found it for some reason makes me only able to wear them same curls for two days max because they flop and fall. I didn’t realise that this was the hair dryer doing this so i used it more to fix it. We may have different hair but its definatly similar. I thought oh i wish my hair could be like that where I dont have to wash it every few days and i wish it was more nappy and springy. I have found it is actually more like that i have just been overworking it. I only wash once a week and do a bit of head banging and scruching to dry it. It is flat a first but after two days it’s indestructable.

    • If your hair to break only, it is not female hair loss. Female hair loss caseus individual strands of hair in certain areas are thinner, providing less coverage of the scalp. It is a slow, gradual process. It sounds like the aggressive chemicals damages the hair shaft, causing the break but not really cause hair loss by the roots. The essential oil treatments can help to repair the damage.

  2. I have no idea…this is my third winter (2nd winter fully natural) and I keep thinking maybe this is the year I’ll get it…but, alas, I never do.

    In the past, I have flat ironed once a month (ducking my head so people don’t throw things at me), but with working out, that doesn’t last long. I’d have to do it weekly (at least) and I am not cool with that. Once a month is all I’ll risk. I think I finally got an acceptable twist out, but I don’t get much more than two days out of that (second day hair is not my friend!). I do love mini-twists, but they take way too long and do not last in my hair long enough to justify the time it takes to do it. I thought about trying to do the night time thing, but I have this gel pillow thing that isn’t supposed to get wet…I know, excuses, excuses.

    I love my wash and goes, but I am TOO much of a baby to go out in the cold another year if I don’t have to. I haven’t mastered the diffuser yet, but I haven’t tried it in about a year so I’ll probably try it again. I also thought about getting one of those hard bonnet dryers, but my hair is getting longer and by next year this time, I don’t know if that will work.


    • It’s all about working with what your hair gives you. So, if your twist out is acting crazy just pin it up on the 2nd day and throw it up in a top bun the 3rd day and the 4th day rock some head wraps. eff it.

      Whta’s a hard bonnet dryer?

      • Unless I am using the wrong name (which is very possible), it’s the dryer that you sit under to do like roller sets. I think there is also a bonnet dryer that is soft and a lot of people use them for deep conditioners.

  3. I am definitely guilty of waking up HOURS before I have to leave the house so my hair can dry. In the past, I would wake up at like 5am to wash or wet my hair so that it dries if I have a super early morning. Now, I typically do not do a wash n go in the winter unless I’m not leaving the house until later in the day. I’m a winter roller-setter!

  4. I have a dermatologist in my flamiy, and he’s always recommended Cetaphil (the gentle formula) highly. It doesn’t interfere with any skincare products it always delivers. Like I said, over the years, because he’s always sending me random stuff in the mail to try out, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to sample (for free!) SO many skincare products – not even the priciest/’breakthrough’ formula cleansers work for me like Cetaphil does. My trusty standby; I love it. They should pay me, haha

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