“The Curl” Continued- Behind the Scenes

Shanti and I just finished shooting the 2nd installment of “The Curl”. Whoot! Whoot! We covered, porosity, density, protective styling and much more. This time around there were different faces with different points of view. Be sure to check out once it’s edited and such. I’m sure we’ll post about it and if you missed the first go round here’s are video 1 and video 2.

tara aura, around the way curls, "The Curl" carol's daughter, natural hair, afro

She can’t take a bad picture. Tara is incredible.

carol's daughter, transitioning movement, natural hair, curls, black hair, around the way curls

She just finished transitioning… It paid off.

make up forever hd, the curl, carol's daughter

Make up for days

shanti around the way curls, the curl, carol's daughter. natural hair

Sleep deprived and sick Shanti getting her face beat.

carol's daughter, the curl, around the way curls, natural hair, black hair, curls Carol's daughter, the curl, black hair, curls, around the way curls
the curl, protective styling, carol's daughter

Dope protective style. She does it herself.

the curl, carol's daughter. natural hair, curly hair


carol's daughter, the curl, black hair, around the way curls

Crew love

carol's daughter, the curl, black hair, natural hair, curly hair

She is stunning and her hair is crack.

These guys… Comedy. Pure comedy.

Three months ago Shanti didn’t know what instgram was. Now the black hole has got her.

shanti, around the way curls, the curl, natural hair

shanti, antoinette, around the way curls, natural hair, curly hair, carol's daughter

Not one mean mug! She’s all grown up!

antoinette, shanti, around the way curls, the curl, carol's daughter

It was a pleasure working with everyone.

Huge thanks to Kristin, Dom, Eve, Shawn, King… and the rest of the cast and crew!

Look out for “The Curl” coming soon.

Announcement: We Are Now Carol’s Daughter Ambassadors for 2013!

What this means for us: We are going to be given products by Carol’s Daughter to review and we will post our reviews here and our youtube channel. Now, these will be sponsored reviews but we want to stress the fact that our time, editing and camera woman skills (ha!) are for sale NOT our opinion. Our reviews will be honest and forthcoming. Sellouts are not welcome or cultivated here.

What this means for you: It means that you will be getting the inside scoop on Carol’s Daughter products on the regular and sometimes even before they are launched. So, it’s somewhat exclusive over here. You’ll also get an idea of what product work and don’t work on our two different hair types. In addition, we are constantly being asked to do more product reviews but honestly Shanti and I use the same things everyday so this will be a great way to get us experimenting and to give you more reviews.

So, big thanks to all at Carol’s Daughter!  We’re excited about our partnership. And we look forward to bringing are Around the Way Curls some fresh new material.


Antoinette’s Hair Story: Transitioning for Ten Years

Finish the article here.

Are yall going to The Transitioning Movement? It’s basically a Mecca for natural hair and lifestyle tips. They gather information from bloggers from all over the country, put it one place and make it accessible to anyone with a computer or internet capable phone. It’s really a great idea. I wish we would have thought about it. hpmh.

But for real, when we post about articles we write for other sites does anyone read them? Because NOBOOOOOOODY comments. 0_O

The Curl Episode 2: Porosity and The Chart!

An original web series for Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement



You’ve heard these words before, but what does porosity really mean, especially when it comes to your hair’s strength, health and ability to retain moisture? In this episode of The Curl, we break down the real meaning of the word while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers, including Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, and Shanti & Antoinette of Around the Way Curls, share their candid and often hilarious hair stories. Also, you’ll hear tips on the best hair products for natural and all hair types. To repair your hair and end hair damage, you need to know your hair’s porosity.

 Have You Joined the Movement? 


Carol Daughter’s “The Curl” Premiers Wednesday December 5th!

Coming to Transitioningmovement.com December 5th!

Check out the trailer for “The Curl,” the first episode of which will premiere on Wednesday, December 5. Designed as a series for Carol’s Daughter’s new site, Transitioning Movement, “The Curl” will be the first show of its kind, a show that, when put together, defines, entertains and exposes viewers to natural hair terminology and hairstyles in a comprehensive way, while getting a sneak peek into the lives of women who share their own candid, incredibly diverse hair stories. This series is for every woman-sister-mother-friend who has ever wondered, “What exactly am I going to do with my hair?” and “How can I achieve my own, unique look?


Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes Shanti and Antoinette of Around the Way Curls Francheska Medina of Hey Fran Hey Fran Ramsey of Chescalocs Enyinne of Heritage 1960, and more…

Director: Dominique DeLeon of Special Boy Films Producer: Kristin Braswell Director of Photography: Shawn Peters Associate Producer: Sharlyn Pierre