Shanti’s Review Of Ouidad’s Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Primer

Recently the kind folks over at Ouidad sent Antoinette and I some new products to sample which were their new Cleansing Oil as well as their Whipped Curl Daily Conditioner and Primer. Antoinette said her piece below in which her curls got it poppin’ and twokkin’. I wanted to share my review as well being as though our hair is different textures therefore the experience was different. 

**I only tried the Whipped Curl and have yet to try the Oil Cleanser.**

Whipped Curl Daily Conditioner and Primer = A

I was really intrigued by the idea of “priming your hair for styling”. For people like myself who after washing their hair play a game of russian roulette as to how their curls may look will turn to this primer as a new found savior. I have been avoiding wash and goes in the winter at all costs because of how reckless, wiry and inconsistent my curls have been. I suppose the science behind the primer is that is provides a less reactive canvas with which you can style and work with your hair.

SLIP:  Unfortunately, the cream did not yield any slip for my hair as it did for Antoinette. It certainly did go on smoothly and did not cause any strange texture change, clumping or stiffness.

SMELL : The smell was delicious and coconuty without being too overwhelming and “soapy”. 

HOLD : Similar to a primer that you would put on your eyes for makeup, the Curl Whip created and solidified my curl pattern so that after adding my leave in conditioner, the curls were set and held. Since my winter blues, I have not had such a successful wash and go in a while! The curl pattern was continuous with no puff and minimal frizz from my roots to my ends! I was pleasantly surprised!

Overall I recommend this product to anyone who is having winter wash and go woes. This primer does the trick for definition and consistency.

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12 thoughts on “Shanti’s Review Of Ouidad’s Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Primer

  1. Those curls are poppin’!!!! I do have a question though: do/did you have any undefined curls? I can’t tell if the parts on my own head grow this way or if I still have serious moisture issues.

    • Hey Kadeja!
      Yes I have an area on my head where my curls are not defined. No matter how moisturized or good the product this area remains frizzy and poofy. I nothing hate it and think that my hair is in terrible condition. I just realize it is a different texture and all textures don’t curl! When doing a wash and go, I will two strand twist that area while the rest of my hair dries. After the rest of my hair is dry, I will unravel the twists. In most cases they are still damp so I just leave the hair alone to prevent any frizz and allow the hair to dry. It results in a curl pattern that is similar to the rest of my hair

  2. Love how your hair turned out! I heard about them years ago, but for some reason haven’t tried their products. I recently cut my hair (super short on the back), but I have decent length in the front so I will give this a try. Thanks!

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  4. Hi Shanti, nice post! would be even better if you showed us your whole head instead of just closeups. That way, we could see the overall shape of your hair and whether the product allows for volume!

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