Shanti’s Blonde Reveal

So I have been avoiding sharing this with you guys for a while now. I colored my hair originally about 3 weeks ago with very light and subtle red highlights. I was not satisfied so I went  to make them more prominent. I just went from one extreme to the other. Sweet baby Jesus!!!!! Anywhooo, I am living with this decision for a little while until I remedy it. Trust I am going to remedy it. Here’s my story.

The First Highlights

And Then I Lost My Mind

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16 thoughts on “Shanti’s Blonde Reveal

  1. Shanti you should totally keep it!
    it’s different and cute, you should straighten your hair and see what it looks like and maybe when you see it in a different way you’ll like it more.
    You’r a Wild Gyal right? well be different and rock the hell out of it!

  2. Hahah that’s hilarious! It’s actually not as bad as you think it is, you’re just not used to it yet. I understand the allure to go blonde though cause lately i’ve been feelin it too. I’m kind of scared cause I don’t know if it goes with my skin tone like it does with yours. I might have to go more honey brown. Idk I’m excited tho. And your color is cool. Maybe you should rock it for a while longer and see if it grows on you.

  3. Shanti,

    Love, you will be fine if you leave it. You’re good. Be fierce and just rock it like you own it!!! BUT if you must change it, try to put a rinse over it in a brown. That way, you’re not shocking your hair any more and you will more than likely get it to a nice shade of light brown which will look really good. Girl it’s just hair. You’ll be good lol. BTW, Your anamated personality had me in tears laughing at my desk as I watched this…”the toilet just flushed…and there’s a 2 year old in there” LOL!

  4. I think it’s really cute! Kinda like Kelis’ hair.. to neutralize the brassy or yellow color, use a purple shampoo/conditioner. John Frieda has one.

    Your hair looks awesome tho.

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