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What is your skin type and what are your must-have products to care for your skin?
Although I have never taken an official “test”, I would assume that my skin leans more on the “dry” side. I fuss very little over my skincare. I wash my face in the morning and at night with “Trader Joe’s” facial cleanser. I moisturize with my favorite almond oil. (I am well aware that oil does not suffice as a moisturizer but I have been doing it all of my life and I have little to no skin problems so I am ridin’ with it).

What is your favorite everyday make up look and what cosmetics do you use to achieve it?

Everyday I rock a cat eye, mascara, concealer for under my eyes, blush and lipstick (if the Holy spirit moves me). That’s about as complex as it gets. I don’t use foundation, primer or any of that jazz because they require expensive brushes and skill. I have neither. I am using Stila for my liquid eye liner, Clinique for my concealer and I rotate between 3 different types of MAC blushes. 

Is your hair natural, relaxed, loc’d or otherwise and what is your go-to favorite style?
My hair is natural. I have never had a perm. I use to have a long, thick head of hair but I recently cut it all off. Like really short. So as of now I have no choice but to wear it short. When it was longer, a healthy top bun was my saving grace.

What are your staple hair products and/or processes that keep your hair at its best?
Kinky Curly Knot Today is my favorite leave in conditioner. Aloe vera juice heals everything especially if you are suffering from porosity problems. A mean twist out can really be the base to almost any awesome hair style. A twist out to natural hair is to what corn is to our diet.

What is your favorite trait or physical feature about yourself? Also, what is your favorite personality trait about yourself?
I would say my greatest physical feature is my skin. I love my brown hue. My favorite personality trait is my flexibility. I accept life’s difficulties and pleasures equally and I’d like to think gracefully. 

What insecurities do you have or have you had about your physical appearance and how do you overcome?
Well, since I just cut off all my hair, I have been experiencing fleeting bouts of insecurity. Hair is such a crutch and can create a false sense of value. Especially since I used  to have the coveted “big hair”. You couldn’t tell me nuthin!

Now that I have no damn hair, I am creating a new value system within myself. I look at the mirror and I am training myself to know intrinsically that my physical appearance has nothing to do with who I am as a person. It’s just hair! Whether I am bald headed or big haired, I need to always work on being kind, empathetic, humble, tenacious, creative and conscientious. The more I blog about hair, learn about hair and represent for the natural hair community the less important hair becomes to me. It is simply a prop for expression. I am much more interested in the spirit behind the expression.

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self about hair care, makeup and beauty self-esteem? 
I would tell my 18 year old self to learn to listen and trust your own inner desires and understandings. If you know that straight hair is not good for the health of your hair strands, stop straightening it. If you know it is a waste of money to buy 3 of the same pair of sneakers, save your money. If you know your body is precious, replace those tight jeans for a flowy skirt. If you know that other’s opinions are worthless, take pride in your own choices. Do your hair the way YOU like to style it, dress the way YOU like to dress. Stop making decisions because you are fearful of other’s perception. Listen to yourself, trust yourself and you will come to love yourself. 

What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel most beautiful in a dress, wrist full of gold bangles with groceries for dinner in my left hand and the hand of my sweet baby girl in my right, walking down the street on a hot summer’s evening. 

Thank you so Much GG Renee for creating such an awesome interview. Check out All The Many Layers ladies for all things inspirational and beautiful.

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  1. This is a really nice interview Shanti. I admire your realness and you lack of need to please others. You’re like a free spirit. Keep on inspiring!!!

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