Shanti Goes Blonde

What do you guys think?

So I have never ever dyed my hair in my entire life. I have decided that I am going to do it. I am going to have my first experience with coloring and I am very excited. I want to keep it simple but read instant funk. I am thinking a blonde streak in the front. BOOM! Dat’s it! I thought I would share the news with everyone and preface it with – “I will not be talked out of it”. I also wanted to share the news with everyone because then I won’t be able to back out of it. HA! I must admit, I am slightly scared of the outcome. I have worked very diligently to come to have a semblance of healthy hair and I would hate to be set back. As do many neurotic and indecisive people, I will write a pros and cons list. If I am missing anything let me know.


1.It will look doper than a lil’ bit

2.I will be forced to deep condition and diligently moisturize my hair.

3.It will look doper than a lil’ bit son.

4.I will get over my fear of coloring and perhaps learn to be more adventurous with my hair.

5.It will look great!


1.My hair will dry out terribly and fall out

2.It will turn out orange

3.I will be left with an inch of hair and be forced to cut it all off and start my hair journey all over again which would infuriate me and lead me to just get a perm.

4.It will change my curl pattern drastically and I will be left with some scraggily, stringy blonde pieces dangling in the front.

  Well obviously the Pros far outweigh the cons. I’m doing it.  

Here are some pictures of those that kill the look that I intend to shamelessly swagger jack  that I am inspired by.

Does anyone else peep this noodle necklace she has going on?

I am going to try and book an appointment next week.

Its. About.To.Go.Down.

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18 thoughts on “Shanti Goes Blonde

  1. I have a best friend who thought of doing the same thing. She’s got hair similar to yours and was just as nervous. If your curious about how you’ll feel after, try putting a piece of blonde weave in the front?? My friend did, and she loved it so much the her cons list just about disappeared.

    *good luck!*

  2. Go for it. Your hair will be fine. I currently have highlights on the top of my hair and my hair has been fine. I’ve been bleaching my hair off and on since I was 16. I put the highlights in early this year and haven’t retouched them. I may just let them grow out and do it again.

    You could do big streak somewhere on the side of your hair just to test it out.

    Looking forward to the end results.

    • I’m gonna do it! Im hella nervous though because I know my hair is really porous. It is uber sensitive to heat so I worry about the chemicals. Do you often straighten your hair? How do you care for it with the highlights? A lot of deep conditioning?

      • I got the highlights put in March 2012 and never got them retouched. I do condition my hair alot but I do that in general because my hair is naturally dry. I barely straighten it during the summer, did mostly wash n gos. Now that the weather is cooling off I’ll straighten hair maybe once or twice a month then wear it curly for a few more weeks until I get bored and then I’ll straighten it again.

        Not sure if you’re a stickler for ingredients but using Dominican hair products such as Crece Pelo helped my hair. And ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Pak. I’ll put it in my hair and let it sit for anywhere for a few minutes to sleeping with it overnight. Depends if I’m going somewhere.

        You take care of your hair now so just continue to do what you do when you get the highlight(s). And whoever does your highlight should know how much to bleach your hair. I wish I could remember the verbiage the beautician used to do my highlights but she used good judgement because she wanted to preserve my hair.

  3. I am so happy for you!! I know it will work out because you take care of your hair. I, on the other hand, did not. I am trying to recover from some serious chemical and heat damage. That is what lead me to you. I am so in love with your hair and following this page has helped me with styling tremendously! Go for it! I will have more beautiful styles to look forward to.

  4. Do it Shanti!! I know it’ll look wicked on you and switching up your look is great. Besides, enter 2013 with something new 😉

    Do it!

  5. Good luck! I think it will be dope! Ever thought about getting a few clip in peices/sewing in a few bleached prices to see how it’s gonna look. It’s temporary, with similar results.

  6. So this is where the inspiration came from! I thought you just walked in the salon and was like blonde please lol. I still think its a dope look..Doper than a lil bit lol. And I also really really wanna color my hair. I wanna wait till it gets longer tho (or maybe that’s my inner self coping out. Idk)

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