Second Day Hair: Dry Twist Out Results

These are the results of my 2nd day hair after my Dry Twist Out! I was really impressed with the results. The evening after my twist out, I used a touch of Karen’s Body Beautiful Conditioner to help maintain and seal the twist out. I then used a couple of bobby pins and loosely secured my hair to the crown of my head. I’m a wild sleeper, so this helps prevent me from flattening the style. Next, I covered my hair with a silk bonnet and went to bed. The bonnet along with pulling my hair up really helped preserve my twist out and kept it from frizzing and being matted down.
As a result, my hair had a bit of a looser wave but overall the curl pattern was cute and different from my natural curl, which was the objective. When your texture begins to loosen up I recommend pinning all, or some parts of your hair up so that it doesn’t fall flat in your face. Adding a flirty accessory or hair ornament can add some spunk and really complete the look. 
Try it out. Let me know how it works for you.

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