Salon 718 Cut and Color!

I really could not have been happier with this salon. The staff is gracious, down to earth and warm and friendly. The ambiance is chic and the service is spectacular. Plus, this was my one and only salon experience where they got it right the first time! I will surely be back.

Special thanks to everyone at Salon 718 and to our homegirl Andrea Lewis for putting me on. 

Book your appointment now! 718-623-6153

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15 thoughts on “Salon 718 Cut and Color!

  1. I have only just come across your blog and I have to say this video made me giggle. I love it! Can’t wait to go through your archives to read other gems you have posted. Love the hair!

    Mo x

  2. Ridiculously beautiful Antoinette! Previous to this video, I thought fine hair couldn’t look so voluminous and bouncy when straighened (ignorant perhaps, but I’m still on my natural hair journey) however this video has proven me wrong. You’re hair was simply gorgeous and I can honestly identify with all those emotions you go through when sitting at the mercy of a woman with scissors! Please keep inspiring all us natural haired beauties around the globe. From an Aussie chic 🙂

  3. The heart attack I had when she pulled out that fake pony tail -_-, unbelievable.

    I’m hanging onto my rat tail aka rachet layers. I was feeling adventurous this time last yr, got layers done at a hair salon that had no idea what they were doing. Now I’m paying the price. I promised myself I will not get my hair done again unless it’s at a salon that makes me feel 100% comfortable in the fact that they know what they’re doing.

    • girl, you better ride around and get it and find your way to a good salon quick. it’s makes such a difference. im a believer now

  4. Very Pleased with your video & review of the salon I went to their website to check out the prices and see what they do…I was gravely disappointed when I saw on the bottom of their menu/pricing page that there is an extra charge for natural hair.

    As soon as I see foonotes like this im left to believe that either the stylists arent skilled in doing natural hair or the salon doesnt see it as a priority to treat natural hair clients the same. Why the extra fees? Theyre located in Fort Greene where there are TONS of naturals. Ive been natural my entire life & would LOVE to frequent more black owned/operated salons (who have curly kinky coily hair just as I do) but things like this make me take my money right to the dominicans who wont break my pockets.

    Why am I going broke by paying someone extra whos hair & texture look exactly like mine? Hopefully the salon changes that policy soon.

  5. Hair looks lovely!

    I have a question though…I saw on their website that there is a surcharge for natural hair and I almost spit out my coffee. Nah, kid…nah.

    That is some tomfoolery!

    • Is that real? I don’t think they actually do that. I saw a ton of naturals in there. Call them and ask why. seriously

  6. Love the hair cut miss lady. You were acting the same way I do when they cut my hair off. I used to hold the cut pieces. Lol. I might have it hit 718 up when I come to NYC later on this year. Looking for a good cut on this coily kinky hair. Thanks for the video.

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