Reflections On Motherhood – Kristin

How many children do you have? How old is your child(ren)?
I have two beautiful little boys, Joseph is (nearly) 9 months and DJ is 3 years old.
If you could tell your tell pre-baby self anything to prepare for motherhood, what would it be?
I would say, “SLEEP CHILE!!!” My oldest wakes up every day at 6am…holidays, weekends, weekdays, EVERY SINGLE DAY! What I wouldn’t do to sleep to 8am….
The times are definitely a-changing. The stay at home, betty crocker-esque archetype of motherhood is being redefined. In what ways do you think you are re-defining mother-hood?
I breastfeed my youngest and plan to until he is ready to stop or is 18 months old, whatever comes first. I get a lot of mixed opinions about it. Some feel it is “gross” or “inappropriate”, others applaud me and envy my dedication. My sons’ doctor has even asked that I nurse in the waiting area to sorta influence mommies-to-be and other young mothers. It is a decision I made while pregnant that I feel very strongly about. Breast (milk) is truly best and I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to nurse…some don’t even get the chance.
What has been your greatest challenge as a mother?
I am a worrier. I worry about everything all the time! My greatest challenge has been (and is still) fighting the urge to put them in a huge plastic bubble to keep them safe from everything. When you have children you truly want to protect them from any hurt, any pain, basically anything that is unpleasant at any measure.
I am still learning that they will have to fall, mama cannot be there all of the time. Life is about experiences and I have got to let my babies live life.
What has been the most rewarding aspect of motherhood?
The most rewarding the aspect of being a mother is the love that I feel and the love I see reflecting back at me in those (two sets of) big brown eyes. I was once told that becoming a mother can only be described has “having your heart outside of your chest” and it is true! The love is amazing and nearly indescribable!!
What do you wish the most that your child cultivates and keeps in his/her adulthood?
My oldest is very sweet! He goes out of his way to wish every person he sees a “good day!” What I love most is that he has no prejudice; he wishes everyone a good day…homeless (and homeless looking), men, women, hetro, non-hetro, black, white, yellow, red. He is color blind and has no bias. He is also very observant. He notices whenever I do anything different, no matter how slight, to my hair and nails. Every day I hear, “nice hair mommy, I like your orange toes!” He is going to make some lady very happy one day, and by one day I mean 30 years from now! lol
How do you maintain your sense of self against the constant demand for self- sacrifice and constant vigilance as a mother?
Now that is something I struggle with. Just this year, I’ve made a pledge to do something *for me* monthly, whether it be something as simple as a long bath uninterrupted or brunch with the ladies. “Me time” is very important for sanity.
Do you have anything to share to the anticipating or new mothers out there?
I would tell anticipating or new mothers out there to simply enjoy the NOW. With my first child I was always trying to push him into the next thing, when he started sitting up I couldn’t wait for him to crawl, when he started crawling I could wait for him to walk, etc. I really didn’t take time to enjoy the moment –at the moment. The cliché saying “they grow up before you know it” are the realest words ever spoke. Mommies enjoy your babies! They’ll be toddlers then teenagers then grownups before you know it!!!
What beautiful beings. All three of you. 
Thank you so much for sharing Kristin. 

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