Can I Change my Curl Pattern? Yup!

An anonymous reader asked “Can I change the texture of my hair? The answer is “Yes”. Natural hair is extremely versatile and the texture cnd be manipulated lots of different ways. The way in which the hair grows from your head cannot be changed however but and why would we want it to? Remember, the more knowledgeable you are about your own texture the easier it will be to change up and experiment with different styles.
Styling Techniques That Will Change Your Texture:
Twist Out Source
Rod Set Source
Chunky Twist Out
Stretched Bantu Knot Outs Source

*Play around with the amount of hair you use. Try a small and chunky twist out. The results are extremely different. Try curling the ends of twist or braids for a smoother look.  Also, for a different spin stretch curls (wear up in a high bun or ponytail for a day or two) before doing twist or braid outs. The texture will surely be different. -Twist Out -Braid Out -Bantu Knot Out -Pin Curls (Wet or Dry) -Flat Twist Out -Stretch Curls -Rod Set

*Sidenote. I love rod sets. They add lot of body and make hair appear to be thicker!

Treatments That Will Temporarily Change Your Curl Pattern: *Keep in mind that these treatments require touch ups just like a relaxer. Be sure to do the proper research before devoting yourself to any one of these treatments.

Henna- I recommend henna. It’s natural and safe and cheap! There are reports that over time henna can alter and loosen curl patterns. This however has not been proven and varies for different women. After my henna treatment I did temporarily see a looser curl pattern (which made me nervous) but it was resorted as I repeatedly rinsed and cowashed my hair. Read about my henna experience here.

Curly Nikki swears by Henna
Before pictures on the left. After pictures on the right. Source
Brazilian Blow Out- This is a soothing protein treatment. Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex the hair is covered by a protective layer of protein that eliminates frizz and soothe the hair cuticle. Ishea, of Six Twenty Seven Blog posts: “The blowout is a smoothing (not straightening) treatment that coats your hair shaft with a protective protein layer. This helps to smooth and reduce frizz. I must stress to everyone your curls are not going anywhere. This isn’t a relaxer, texturizer or anything harsh and permanent. Since there is no chemical change to the composition of your hair there is no line of demarcation or permanent change to your curl pattern. This is a conditioning and smoothing treatment that gives you fabulous results lasting anywhere from 12 weeks to 4 months. Over time as you wash your hair the protective layer around the hair shaft fades away”. It is a 90 minute treatment and can be costly ranging anywhere from $125.00- $450.00 *Warning! Most of these treatment contain formaldehyde. There have been reports of burning of the lungs, eyes, skin and scalp. There have also been reports that these treatments have caused permanent respiratory damage. For more information on the risks click here. For information on formaldehyde free Brazilian Treatments click here.
The Results of Ishea’s Blowout Source
Have You Tried Any of These? How Have They Worked? What’s Ways Do You Manipulate Your Curl? 



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5 thoughts on “Can I Change my Curl Pattern? Yup!

  1. I am in transition and I do Kemet Gold. You can say it is a natural version of the Brazilian blow-out. I love it. Carol’s Daughter also has a system that does the same thing as a Brazilian blow-out but for the life of me, I can’t think of this name. I chose this route because I absolutely refuse to do a BC because after some researching and consulting with stylist, it is not a necessary thing to do.

  2. My hair wont curl period. I have a great texture- it was super curly like anntoinettes in high school adn college. Now its like once it gets about an inch from my roots its straight and VERY loose waves! I need help! I never had a relaxer but i have had color like BLEACH.. any reccomendations?

  3. I want my hair like Mixed people’s hair I also want baby hair. How do I get it? Oh and how can I make my hair get longer? Text back

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