Quest to Find My Perfect Protective Style

Welp, I can’t find one! I tried two strand twists a couple nights ago and they where a fail. The finer hair in the back of my head comes loose and gets all knotty. I want to just wear straight back cornrows but it leaves me feeling “undone”. I want a protective style that is attractive and can be dressed down and dressed up. Ugh… I guess I have a lot of research to do. I have until Oct 1st to find the perfect protective style. In the meantime I am bunning it. 
It will work for now
Help somebody!

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6 thoughts on “Quest to Find My Perfect Protective Style

  1. Did you look at the Southern Tease Bun yet? The tutorial is on youtube – I’m sure its less than a minute long. The style is so easy and quick. You can definitely dress it up or down. I’ve also seen the Gibson Tuck (or Bun, or whatever its called). That looks easy too. You posted some nice protective styles before too. I like the swooped side twist thingy a lot and I attempted the Amish African again and it came out pretty nice this time. Lol.

    Whatever you decide, post pics -good or bad. By the way, is this going to be a Protective Style Challenge?

  2. I did check them out but I don’t think my hair is long enough! I will try the “southern tease” to see if I can achieve them though.
    Yes, this is a protective challenge for me! Oct 1st-December 15th.
    Are you in?

  3. Your hair is definitely long enough. I’ve seen naturals shorter lengths than yours do them. But I know…it has to look the way we want it to on us. I know you’ll find your go-to protective styles soon.

    I’m in! I’ve been bunning for about a month or so now. I definitely notice a difference in the condition of my hair. No more tangles, knots or splits. I make sure I moisturize and seal my ends really well too. I expect some good length retention, which is an added bonus!

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