Product Review: Lush’s Caca Brun Henna Bar

Ever since our interview with the gorgeous and huge haired Santana Caress Benitez, who so adamantly recommended Lush Henna Bar Hair Treatments, I have been itching to try them out. While walking to Union Square I happened to stumble on a Lush Cosmetics Store so I went on it. I bought myself a bar of Lush Caca Brun Henna. Apparently, that means “Brown Shit” in French. (side eye). If this is your first time reading about henna or for more information about henna read this post first.
According to Lush:
The Bar Breakdown
  • Persian Henna- They use the finest Persian henna, which has been used since ancient times to dye the skin and hair. The leaves are dried and ground into a powder and it is this, mixed with conditioning cocoa butter that forms the basis of their bars.
  • Cocoa Butter- The Cocoa butter provides added conditioning benefits but also helps the henna cling to each strand, maximizing its overall effect.
Product Claim:
  • Coffee Lustre- Choose Caca Brun for sleek, beautiful hair with rich, dark brown tones. Brunettes can use Caca Brun for its fantastic conditioning properties without seeing a drastic change to their natural color. Hair will also be left super shiny because henna coats each individual hair, smoothing cuticles, and protecting them from damage. Hennaed her is strong, glossy and absolutely gorgeous.
What Customers Claim:
  • It’s easy to use and gentle
  • Produces a rich, natural color
  • Overtime makes hair thicker
  • Adds body and shine
  • Is conditioning
My Review:
  • I have to agree with all of the above. Lush has a new customer. This stuff is all that. After only one use this henna bar left my hair a rich beautiful brown and added a ton of body and shine. Now, what really makes this product different from other henna I’ve use is it’s conditioning properties. In my past experiences with henna, while it was definitely strengthening it was also a bit drying and I would always have to deep condition after a treatment. This Lush henna bar has the complete opposite affect. It’s actually one of the best conditioning treatments I have ever used.
  • There are however two drawbacks, while it was easy to use it was a bit messy (but there’s always a risk of mess and splatter when dying your own hair) and it is time consuming. I was a dodo bird and wasn’t paying attention to the time and in the middle of the treatment realized I have to leave for work so I only left it in for 1.5 hours. SMH. Lush says you can leave it on up to six hours and most readers said they left it on for 3-4 hours. So, needless to say my color has faded a bit as a result of my daily wash and goes but that’s my own fault. It’s still richer than it was.
The Cost
  • The 11.4 oz bar was about $25.00 after tax which isn’t cheap but I didn’t have to use the entire portion so it ended up being fairly reasonable for all natural and organic henna.
What You Will Need
Gloves, heatproof bowl, spoon,henna and hot water, vaseline, newspaper, paper towels (not pictured)
Henna does tend to be a bit messy so before you begin especially if you are new to the game, you want to lay some newspaper down and have some paper towels handy.
The Process
Begin by putting some sort of protectant on your hairline, ears and neck. Henna will stain your skin so make sure the area is covered well. I used some good ol’ sheabutter as a protectant.
Add hot water to the henna and stir until it is the consistency of brownie batter. (mmh)
Now, here was my first mistake. I used 1/2 of the bar which was plenty for my shoulder length hair, but I didn’t break the henna up into little pieces before adding water. Make sure you do because breaking the bar down and making a brownie batter-like paste will be a lot easier that way.
Pictured here is the henna after being mixed with water in the consistency desired.
Begin carefully applying the henna to clean and conditioned hair.
I have to be honest. I was going to front and act like I did a test strand first but I didn’t. I went all in and applied it to my entire head. I can’t even front. But really, does anyone ever do a test strand first? I know I’m not the only impatient one out there. But you should just in case.
Swamp Girl Steeze
Finish applying the henna to your entire head. Leave on up to 6 hours. As I stated earlier, in most customer review reports it was said that the henna was left on for 3 hours. For darker hue, leave it on longer. Also, for a more brown hue leave your hair uncovered. Cover with plastic for a red undertones.
Rinse Out. Do Not Wash– This can take a little effort but Be Patient. Just stand in the shower and keep working the water through your hair. Keep rinsing until all the henna is out of your hair and the water is clear. I used some Hello Hydration Conditioner to create some added slip while I worked the henna out of my head. Then style as desired.
The Results
My Dull Colored Hair Before the Lush Henna Hair Treatment
My Vibrant Lush Brown Hair After the Lush Henna Treatment
Shwammmm! I love this stuff.
Visit Lush’s website for more information. Who’s getting their henna on?

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24 thoughts on “Product Review: Lush’s Caca Brun Henna Bar

  1. Nice color! Dang, now u got me thinking! Before I get all crazy though, I’ll try my anita grant rhassoul clay conditioning bars first. These products get pricey!

  2. Hunniiii lemme tell youuu!..I walked into the Lush on 34th and bought the caca noir last week and tried it immediately when I got home…I gotta do this again, but next time I want the caca marron. I only used 3 cubes and I feel like I should’ve used the entire thing because I was running out of henna when I got to the back of my head. (Thank God I didn’t listen to the rep who told me to only use 2 cubes and start at the back of my head smh)
    I didn’t get any color change (I left it on for 2hrs) but my hair felt GREAT!!! As of late my hair has been a lil bit limp and the henna brought it back, my big hair don’t care is baaackkk, I was so happy 🙂 Gonna use up the rest of the noir next weekend, can’t wait!

    I love the color it gave you, can you imagine what your hair will look like in the summer under the sun? FYAH!

  3. Thank you for your post on Henna. I have been trying to find quality Henna and I have had no luck. My first attempt with Henna which I purchased from Indian store seemed to be low quality as it had leaves and twigs in it. Is that normal?

    I started to order from Lush online, when just out of curiosity I used the store locator function and to my surprise there is one located in Las Vegas. YAY!

    I purchased a few bars and I’m so excited about trying Henna on my hair again.

    How often should one Henna?

    • Hey. Cool, I’m glad you found a spot. Send us pictures after you’re done. I’ve read online that most folks wait at least 6 weeks between henna treatments.

  4. I actually just tried the Caca Brun but it didn’t change my color at all. Was it difficult for you to wash it out? Because I had a very hard time taking it out, and the next day I still had small pieces of henna in my hair.

    • I wouldn’t say it was difficult but it required some time. I had to use some cheap conditioner to help it slide out of my head. Took about 15 minutes of rinsing.

  5. LOL, I work for LUSH, our Henna has become EXTREMELY popular this past year, glad you liked it! I did the Noir a few months back and my hair was SUPER shiny and soft. It’s a bit of a process but well worth it!

  6. Thanks for the Review! I have fine hair too and I found that using pure body art quality henna powder over time really relaxed my curls. 🙁 Did you find that happening with the Lush Brun?

    • No. My curls popped right back up. Maybe the body art quality is a bit too strong. Lush henna is infused with cocobutter so it might be a little easier on curls. Sorry that happened to you. : (

  7. I have wanted to try this & I have been re-inspired. I love LUSH. I swear by Hair Doctor & their moisturizer, R&B. Look into it!

  8. Is there any thing like henna that will not change my hair color but still loosen my curls as well as giving my hair strength, shine and all the other good stuff

  9. My hair is black-dark brown and I really don’t want to change my hair color but I still want the loosening effect and the extra strength. what do I do?

    • Hey! Lush henna comes in all colors. Blonde, red, light brown, dark brown. So you can match your color to the henna you purchase

  10. I have used this, I purchased it on ebay for 7.00 . I wasnt messy at all I used a chopper to chop the brick. I left it in my hair overnight. it produced really red highlights. I would definitly use again if I can find it on ebay it was really cheap.

  11. I plan on getting highlights this summer. Once they grow out, I would like to henna my hair. The highlights are all natural and no bleach is used in the process. In your before picture you mentioned your hair was colored, so I am hoping from your results I won’t have any issues with henna giving my highlights a green appearance (I google too much). Do you think this would be an issue?

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