Oops! There Go My Curls… Series

A couple days ago, I attempted to wear my hair in a cute little pump updo with a leopard scarf pictured here. I was on my way to work, walking to the A train and jamming to my beloved Beyonce’s, The End of Time track when all of the sudden BOOM! I walked right into a tree branch. My hair was ruined. Leaves, sticks and dirt were embedded into my pump. Not to mention, my neighbors roared with laughter as I attempted to detangle my head from the tree.  I looked ridiculous. When I got to work, I dumped my head into the first sink I saw and let my hair air dry. So, much for trying to be fancy. I’ll try again tomorrow.
Bad Hair day? Laugh it off. Share your hair mishaps here.

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2 thoughts on “Oops! There Go My Curls… Series

  1. There was a day at work last year when nothing was working right. I had a lot of breakage and the front had all these tiny frizzy hairs sticking up. No matter what I did they wouldn’t lay down. All I had on me was a spray bottle and the more I sprayed the worse it got. I was in a panicking trying to run from the bathroom without lettering anyone see it. it kept getting worse and I kept spraying. I hid in my office and 2 co-workers who were in there were trying their best to help me but in the end they couldn’t stop laughing b/c they had never seen my hair look so bad. It was dry, sticking up everywhere and super stiff. I got awkward side eyes all day from ppl. . since then I don’t leave home without bobby pins, a scarf to lay down hair and some kinda product! 🙂

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