Officially in Love With Aveda

I ♥ My New Color!
So, I went back to Aveda just a week after getting my hair dyed way too dark and asked my stylist lighten my wig. I know what you are probably thinking but I had to. The color only looked nice with my hair straight. Those black and blue curls looked like a damn rat’s nest sitting on the top of my dome. Not to mention the color completely washed me out. I went through almost an entire compact of bronzer.
My stylist was so nice about it and gave me a great reddish-brown color that I love. AND SHE DID IT FOR FREE! I didn’t know this but Aveda has a 2-week grace period policy so if you are ever unhappy with your color, you can get it fixed. 
This color warms my face up and is perfect for spring. I couldn’t be happier. It’s pretty cool because the color changes drastically depending on the lighting. In sunlight there are pretty golden-red highlights and in low light it’s a gorgeous chocolate brown. Peep the new color below
In Sun Light
In Artificial Light
No Light
You can see where my ends are unhappy with me for putting color corrector on my hair but something had to give. Those black ‘Slash’ curls were a hot damn mess on my pale skin. Ew. But now it’s all gravy baby. I’ll nurse my ends back to health or slice um off but it was well worth it. #YOLO! 
Any Tips on Taking Care of Color Treated Hair? I Want to Write a Post About It. Help!

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16 thoughts on “Officially in Love With Aveda

  1. I love that the color changes in different light! I’ve never been able to achieve that, but thats probably because I dye my own hair lol. You make me want to get it professionally done!

    • Right! I do too. It photographs dark which is what i wanted but it has really pretty highlights in the sun. Whoot whoot. If there is an aveda near u, u may want to it out. How do u keep ur hair healthy when u dye it

  2. You werkin that color girl!

    I saw the post about the black and the curls and I wanted to comment but my Nook is annoying when it comes to comments. I wanted to suggest maybe a lil blondish in the front but I see you went ahead and did da damn thang @ Aveda this weekend lol. Would still love to see you go a lil bit lighter but it’s yo head not mine lol.

    I’m gonna try henna and lemon juice this weekend and see if I get a color change, wish me luck lol

    I’m used to dying/ bleaching my hair so my only suggestion is to moisturize! moisturize! moisturize! and a every now & then trim will suffice.

    • Hey! Thank u. I’ve been completely blonde before. I liked it but my hair hated it. I also didnt know how to take care of it so that definitly attributed to the problem

      In my experience henna is only succussful making hair darker but I haven’t tried it with lemon juice. Please let me know how it goes!

      Yo, thanks for the help : )

    • You’re welcome : )

      I’ve been stalking for a while now and have been going back on forth on some of the mixes, so i’m gonna give this one I saw that suggested mixing lemon juice and red wine vinegar to the henna. I’ll let you know how that turns out, i’mma need all the luck in the world lol

  3. I have color treated hair and I am JUST now started to get over the color and heat damage. What I can say is that with color treated hair, heat and harsh shampoos are your WORST enemies! However your best friends are going to be tons of moisture. I’m loving anything by Shea Moisture or pretty much anything organic. Also, Loreal has some great sulfate free products that protect against color fading. I went from dark brown to honey brown so I wasn’t too interested in my color fading since lighter colors don’t really fade as much. Since your new color isn’t too much of a jump, I would suggest using some of the anti-color fading things on the market. Hope all that helps! =D

    • I wouldnt say washing it (that may be too cold of a shower lol), but definitely rinsing it with cold water has helped me. Also, if you have hard water at your place, invest in a filtered shower head. I just got one about 2 weeks ago, and I’m noticing a significant difference already! Even in the softness of my skin as well. It’s a miracle with moisture retention with the hair

  4. Moisturize! I co wash once week or so and steam once a week.I will start washing it once a month to get build up off. Your hair is beautiful! I agree with Dijah, blond,honey and caramels would look good on you! 🙂

  5. Where is the Aveda salon you went to? I’m in BK, and I’m looking for someplace to take my mom for Mother’s Day. Thanks!!!

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