New Monthly Columnist: Ask Jamillia All About 4C hair care

Around The Way Curls has been publishing online for nearly two years about natural hair care. We write from our perspective and knowledge as 3A and 3C hair types. We understand how frustrating and exclusive it may be to some readers who can not relate our content to their hair type in styling, technique, products, etc.  I was fortunate enough to meet an awesome, fellow Around The Way Curl who is a natural hair enthusiast and has come a long way on her journey. Allow me to introduce everyone to Jamillia. She has 4c hair and she also feels like there is a huge void in the blog-osphere for women who are natural 4cs and in need of experienced advice and encouragement. She has agreed to begin building that bridge by being a monthly columnist ( or more if ya’ll demand it) writing about effective hair practices for 4c hair and answering all of your questions. 

(For those that don’t know “hair typing” Here is a chart)

Jamillia Writes:

“It took me just over 18 years to realize that my hair was not a problem. 18 years—of last minute hair store runs. Of, “I can’t come out, my hair isn’t done” story lines. Of, “Sorry J, I won’t be able to do your hair this weekend because I have xyz commitment, but I’ll do it next weekend…” for months at a time. Lordt. 

 I went natural by accident, but it was the single best accident in my life thus far. As a child I believed my hair never fit my face, and I am sure I’m not the only gal with 4c coils who felt that way. What does such a statement even mean? How can the strands growing from your scalp not fit the face they came with? Honestly, it was because my coils were constantly over processed, limp, and coated with some petroleum based, brightly colored, magical hair growth oil like “Doo Gro” or “B&B”. 

Sound familiar? 

Flash forward to 2007. I was sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh with every weave wearing woman’s worst nightmare. The hair stores in the city of Pittsburgh carried lackluster extensions at exorbitant prices. Back then the 12 inch pack of deep wave went for $25.99. Hello?! That’s a five star college dinner. What made the situation even more desperate was the fact that the women in my family have always been the DIY type with their hair. Translation: hair stylists creeped me out. The few sessions I do remember ended in a bowl cut mushroom press and curl. I felt backed into a corner. Each night I removed my cap weave to reveal a hair texture completely foreign to me. I was annoyed that my natural curl pattern did not resemble grandma’s half-Lebanese waves, and even more annoyed that my hair was always dry, despised heat, and looked like frosted flakes with dry mousse in it. Learning to take care of my 4C hair was a process, and I have made every mistake imaginable. But when I tell you that mastering your head of hair is a genuinely empowering and rewarding sentiment—I mean it.

My name is Jamillia Kamara of Love4Coils, and I hope to serve as a source of information and motivation for your 4C hair journey. Cheers! 

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 Email Jamillia any questions and concerns that you are having with your 4C hair. We will post the questions and answers on the first of every month! 

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  1. I saw the pictures and immediately thought, “Her hair looks like mine!” I look forward to reading your advice. Thanks in advance. 🙂 Shanti and Antoinette, I appreciate that y’all took into consideration those of us who love you but don’t share your hair types.

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