Mitt Romney Categorizes Obama Voters

Mr. Romney, 
Not ALL American’s on government assistance view themselves as victims.
Many of them DO take “personal responsibility and care for their lives” but are at a disadvantage and need some support  because people like you are driving their damn heels on their backs.
I am an American that believes not only every American but every human being on this damn planet is ‘entitled to health care, food and housing, you name it’ it would be inhumane to think otherwise. Do people abuse the system? Yes. But you can’t dismiss those in need. It’s almost as if you’re saying hungry families and children are freed loaders.
Lastly, how in the hell are you supposed to represent this country in its entirety if you dismiss the hell out of the needs of the ‘47% of people that will vote for the president now matter what’?
I promise you one thing Mr Romney, you can count on this middle class girl to be ‘personally responsible’ and vote for Barrack come election day. 

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4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Categorizes Obama Voters

  1. and just to clarify, he is not just speaking of people on welfare, he is speaking about people who get ANY KIND of government assistance. ie. student loans, grants, housing assistance anything. So basically ME..and I have never been on welfare a day in my life, but to him I am a victim.
    It is very scary that this man (whom thinks that the average American household salary is $200-250K a year)is this disconnected from the average American and our needs and could possibly be running the country in a few months. God help us all.

  2. All I can say is I’m not surprised. Growing up wealthy and removed from the hardships that middle and lower class ppl face the only thing he had to go on was the harsh rhetoric being spewed that poor ppl are only that way because they are lazy and dependent on the government. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if he was just another run of the mill guy but when you are running for President and you hold that kind of biased view on nearly half of the population than it becomes a HUGE and SERIOUS problem.

    Also can we be surprised that he would in private say one thing (to his millionaire sponsors) and say something else entirely different in the public???

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