Making ‘Love”

If you know the artist, please put us on
How could you be so heartless? 

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4 thoughts on “Making ‘Love”

  1. I cannot believe this. This is not making love the way I know it. It does send a profound message that I dare clarify in this comment, with the skeleton representing death and evil. Whoever did this, it really speaks volumes to his/her mind set.

    • I took this as if the artist is trying to shine some light on the many women and men having heartless and meaningless sex… The woman pictured here is so vulnerable and seemingly so unaware that are partner has no soul. it’s interesting

  2. The picture is not actually called Making Love (at least not that I can find) and although it was not intended to necessarily represent that, I can clearly see the connection. I also find it interesting and beautiful in a narcissistic kind of way. The artist is Clint Brown. and this is an article where this piece(and others) and briefly discussed. Peace! Fia @Majesti

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