Little Nayanna’s View on Natural Hair

Besides the fact that this little one is adorable, this video shows just how much times are changing. Shout out to her mother, Mysteek for being such a great role model  and showing your baby girl what self love is all about!


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8 thoughts on “Little Nayanna’s View on Natural Hair

  1. This was wonderful to see and I love how “in love” this little one is with her hair. My oldest daughter use to see me use the “creamy crack” and would see the pictures of the models on the box with straight hair and she would tell me that she hated her curls and wanted straight hair. That really hurt because she and her sister have beautiful hair, but I know that she wanted it because mommy did it. That was my last relaxer and after 1 1/2 years of transitioning, I chopped off my relaxed ends. When she saw all that I could do with my natural hair she really started to love hers. Now she loves her hair and I am glad that I am able to lead by example. She loves playing in my hair and pulling on my coils to watch them spring back into place. Thanks for sharing this video…it was “so awesome”!!

  2. i love it. she reminds me so much of my daughter. since i am natural my daughter loves it when we wear our hair alike. i think it is important in this regard to lead by example. Because daughters really idolize their mothers and want to be just like you.

  3. She is too awesome!lol! I hope to one day have a beautiful daughter like her who exudes so much personality and confidence!

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