Join Antoinette’s Get Me Bodied Home Work Out Plan

I find that my most common excuse for not working out is my so called ‘lack of time’. But I’m realizing now that incorporating exercise into my daily activities is really not that difficult or time consuming.  The exercises below only take about 15-20 minutes at the most and can be done is the comfort of your own home (with the exception to the cardio work outs at the gym 3x’s a week). 
And if you’re not able to get to the gym 3x a week there are some home work-out videos that target cardio in addition to toning and it’s then all the more reason to incorporate 15-20 minutes a day to taking care of your body. 
*Keep in mind that the gym can be replaced by a fitness class, dance class, zumba etc.
    Monday     45 push ups: 3 sets of 15
45 reverse push ups: 3 sets of 15
50-75 crunches
*Gym- Cardio 45-60 minutes
45 Squats (with or w/out weights): 3 sets of 15
40 Leg Lifts Side and Back (each side)- 2 sets of 20
*Gym- Cardio 45-60 Mintues
*Gym- 60 Minutes of Cardio
Some Arms, Shoulders, Back and Abs (Various Machines)
    Thursday     Relax/Stretch/Rest
Various Ab Exercises.. .
 Can’t Make It To The Gym? Here Are Some Alternatives 
Do my “at home” workouts back to back without stopping to increase the cardio
Walk up and down the stairs of my apt
Dutty Wine and Jam around the house to my ipod
Get off the train a stop early and walk to work Also, THE WORKOUTS IN THE VIDEO BELOW IS THE ISH!!!
 Worried About Sweating It Out? 
Not wanting to work out because of your hair? Read these helpful tips on how to save you style while working out.
 Take the Pledge! 
Alright, so this is my goal. So, who is with me? Come up with your own workout plan but promise to dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to taking care of your body.  WHO’S WITH ME? 

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17 thoughts on “Join Antoinette’s Get Me Bodied Home Work Out Plan

  1. Im in it Antoinette! Im gonna use your workout routine posted and maybe add some more exercises of my own. I started doing more cardio last week. I can’t wait to start the strengthening along with cardio this week. What can we do to provide updates on how we are doing?

  2. I am so in!!! And when i get lazy and/or tired, Imma holla at ya so you can motivate me. Like a virtual, penpal, exercise buddy, lol.
    Stay fab and thank you for being inspiring.

  3. Hey Beautifuls!

    for those if us who dont want to mess up our hair while working out, i just purchased this head wrap thingy by Nicole Ari Parker. Its called Save your Do. It really works you just wrap your head up and it sort of wicks the sweat away. you can ourchase it on the website

    Hope this helps. I love it.

  4. I’m gonna have to work my way up to those push ups. My upper body strength has always been a struggle, so if I can do five push ups, I’m good. 🙂 It’s a lot better than it was in September when I joined my gym, but it’s nowhere even close to double digits. Pretty much, I do what I can. (That’s so I don’t hurt my feelings when I can’t make it to 10 push ups.)

    • Cool! So aim for 7 in a row and do that 4 times throughout the day. You’ll see how fast it builds up. Keep in mind I do girl push ups because my breasts both weight 100 pounds each. smh

  5. Thanks to my brother who used my Planet Fitness card w/o paying… I can’t go to the gym… I have no there choice. I’m in! I’ve gained over 20lbs., and they gotta go!! I am on a “Get it right. Get it tight” trajectory, and diet isn’t enough. I will start implementing these exercises tomorrow!!!

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