Inspiration: Washington, D.C

I recently visited D.C and was really impressed and inspired by the trip. I am in Philly which is only a hop, skip and a jump away but I never ventured down to visit the country’s historical capital.  Here is a photo journal of my trip and all the colors, architecture and beauty that inspired me in the city of D.C…
D.C must have an awesome horticultural society because the plant life was so beautifully tended and thriving
I just loved the funky colors of this bike
Such a sophisticated Metro system
I happened upon a Tibetan bizarre!
 Turquoise and coral were everywhere
I had the nerve to not buy anything! Ugh
No lie, these burritos were bangin’
There were a lot of beautiful people in D.C that I was too frightened to take shots of them as well. Next time I go, I hopefully will have developed some courage so that you too can get a little glimpse of the beauty. Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Washington, D.C

  1. I second CG. Glad you enjoyed your visit. There’s a lot of history here. And you can get just about ANYWHERE on our Metro system. Come back anytime!

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