“If You Think You Are Better Than Your Man, Your Relationship is Done”.


 “I don’t know. I just feel like he isn’t doing anything with himself. He smokes weed, he still works at the same job. He can’t seem to save any money. But he is so smart, and talented and sweet. He is good to me. He is a good man.”

“Do you think you are better than him?”

 “Excuse me?”

 “Do you think you are better than your man? Because if you do, your relationship is done”.

Our male friend shrugged his shoulders after dropping this fact and went back to his plate of chicken wings. Antoinette and I looked at each other. She smiled a wide Cheshire cat smile. I looked back at her with furrowed eyebrows. I smiled uneasily. She knew. I knew. I thought that I was better than my man. Underneath the soft sheaths of laughter, intimacy and comfort of our relationship was a bubbling brew of contempt, hope and mistrust.

Will he ever get his act together? Maybe if he sees that I am nervous about our future he will try to do something different. Am I wrong for wanting something more? But he is so sweet. He is so intrinsically good. I can help him. Wait hold up, fuck I got to be the one to help him for?

It had never dawned on me that this sense of superiority was in fact unhealthy and detrimental to my relationship. The illness was not so much that he was unmotivated but that I thought that I was in fact more progressive. Lies. I am far from perfect. I procrastinate, I underachieve and I doubt myself but my boyfriend at that time thought I might as well have been Oprah. He thought I was hot shit. He adored me as an unrealistic projection of myself. I focused on solely his weaknesses and he was blind to mine. We remained timid crabs scurrying left and right after one another yet incapable of moving forward.

I see this same dilemma in many relationships. I know amazingly talented, intelligent women linked to the dead weight of an underachieving man. As a result these women become inflated with a false sense of productivity and they are never really properly fueled, critiqued and pushed off of their plateaus of comfort. No one really helps each other further in life. They remain stagnant in their incompatibility.

Love can be such a desperate thing. Everyone wants it. Everyone NEEDS it. Once we find someone who is nice, not a complete degenerate, makes us laugh, hits it right and at least has a job we ignore the finer details but we should want more than that from our partners, our potential life mates, husbands, wives and co-parents. We should want to be pushed to discomfort, encouraged, directed, critiqued, supported and inspired. We should feel the security of a loved one who always has your back, pushing you forwards whether you like it or not.

Have You Ever Been In A Stagnant Relationship? What Made You Realize It Had To End?

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7 thoughts on ““If You Think You Are Better Than Your Man, Your Relationship is Done”.

  1. I love this post and read it twice. Underachievers is what my Mom calls them and my cousin says they lack the “P” – Potential. I write a series in my blog called “The Mister Series” and this fits it perfectly. I will be linking this post to my next version. Thanks a Bunch!!!

  2. “Underneath the soft sheaths of laughter, intimacy and comfort of our relationship was a bubbling brew of contempt, hope and mistrust.”

    Wow. This hit me in the gut. Contempt, hope, and mistrust…..it is in fact a combination of each of those things isn’t it?

    You need to give us fair warning when you’re about to drop knowledge this hard.

    • Yup, that trio will have you all messed up! Give me your number, Ill send you a text before I drop my lil articles…

  3. This post hit me right in the feels, because this was my last relationship. I did have a sense of superiority over my man because I knew I was “doing better” than he was. When I ended our 3 year relationship he ended up telling me that he knew he wasn’t good enough for me and I would leave him eventually. I didn’t say it out loud, but I agreed with him. Not only did this way of thinking affect our relationship, it gave me a false sense of security in acheiving more than I actually had. This post humbled me and gave me insisght. Thank you for writing it!

  4. OMG!!!! Yes I have and it left me feeling drained! You basically described him in your opener. He was there, he was sweet, he adored me and when I was younger I thought those were the only qualities I wanted in a man. But when I got those qualities in a man who lacked discipline, motivation, and Godly direction I had to get OUT!!! Sure he had good qualities (most people do) but I knew I deserved much more than just good because I have so much more to offer than just good.

  5. A difficult question for a woman who is 30 and over. In my younger years, I could easily date a man who was loving, sweet and committed. As I got older and wanted to go places, have fun with my partner or move out of my room in a group house, I found that he wasn’t interested in changing.

    For women who want to be mothers, I think our nesting kicks in and we begin to wonder if this man will meet us halfway in the future. I don’t think it is about being better. We truly want to know that he will be able to handle things in the event that we can’t.

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