I Got Peed on by a Crack Head & I’m Dead Serious

This is not a joke. I usually don’t post two videos back to back like this but my latest experience was enough for me to make an exception. Only in New York Y’all…

Who else has experienced anything like this? What even comes close?

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8 thoughts on “I Got Peed on by a Crack Head & I’m Dead Serious

  1. this is hilarious but ratchet at the same damn time. In the meantime I will just stick to visiting NYC…no longer eager to move to the city lol.
    Shame on your bank for only giving you $20.
    I hope ‘ish gets better for you!


  2. 1) I’m sorry this happened to you. 🙁
    2) IMO $20 is pretty generous if we’re just talking about sweatpants (which is what I thought you were talking about). But if the pee soaked into your coat or anything else that’s dry-cleanable, then yeah, they should have offered more. If it was blood they definitely should have offered more but pee washes out pretty easily…I’m guessing the guards at the bank didn’t think there was anything off about her either aside from her yelling about having to use the bathroom?
    3) I’ve been to NYC many times and have fallen in love with it and the people over and over again…UNTIL my last visit (January 2008). The whole time I was there it was cold and rainy so maybe that was what helped me see just how DIRTY much of the city is. I would come back to my room at night and clean my face and I couldn’t get over how much dirt was left on the cloth. At this point the only way I’d live in NYC is if I was one of the 1%…

  3. This is the funniest thing I have watched in a really long time! At least your traumatic moment lead to some well needed belly laughter for others out there!

    Keep on paying it forward! 🙂


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