I Got DANdruff In My Hair!

I know no one understands why that title “I got DANdruff in my hair” is so funny to me. My dad told me when he was in grade school he and his best friend would terrorize his teacher by yelling “I GOT DAN..druff in my hair!” Say it out loud. Do you see why the teacher was so annoyed by his psuedo-cursing? Isn’t that funny??!!
Anywhooo, real rap I have dandruff. It happens every winter. For some reason, my scalp thinks it is doing me a favor by creating layers of dead skin to shed and keep my head warm. It isn’t severe dandruff but it is enough to notice. I have also been dealing with a really tender, throbbing head. For some reason, after washing and moisturizing my hair, my scalp will ache afterwards. I can’t figure out for the live of me what is going on but with the help of Antoinette (although this can easily be done solo), I attempted some self medication to relieve and revive my scalp using tea tree oil as the active ingredient and jojoba oil as the carrier (it can be any NON-mineral or NON-petroleum based oil).

I hate to gross you out but I wanted to provide a visual of my dandruff. It is not that bad but it is consistently shedding.

My hair was previosly washed, so I did this treatment on dry hair. I started by mixing my Jojoba and tea tree oil together in a bowl. You do not want to burn your scalp with the highly concentrated tea tree oil so make sure you are putting 5x more jojoba than tea tree. I did not measure anything but I can guess-timate that I added 1 and a half capfuls of tea tree oil to 1/4 cup of jojoba.

In order to make sure that this mixture was reaching as much surface as possible on my inflamed scalp I decided to put my hair into 8 straight backs and apply the oil to my exposed scalp area. Honeychild, it felt like heaven.

I know that I will have to repeat this process about twice a week to stay on top of the dandruff because just one application does not do it for me.

I hope this helps any of the tender-headed, dander sufferers out there like me. We in this together!

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10 thoughts on “I Got DANdruff In My Hair!

  1. I go through the exact. same. thing every year around this time… flaky, itchy, dry scalp with excessive shedding and tenderness. Even when I was relaxed, it happened. I run to my trust Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle condish then alternate between moisturizing and protein deep treatments weekly. Also alternating between apple cider vinegar and green tea rinses weekly. And I make sure to incorporate Vatika oil scalp massages.

  2. I never ever had dandruff until this year so I’m dying to try this out. I can’t stand it! First I thought it was buildup but then I realized, no girl, it’s the frosted flake (jacked that from your instagram LOL). Do you leave it on for a while then just rinse off?

  3. I dont know what cleanser is part of your hair regime but check out the All Natural shampoo bars by Chagrin Valley they have formulas that address scalp issues, soaps that have tea tree incorporated or neem, the descriptions will guide you. HAIR PEACE :))

  4. It was meant for me to find this blog, I mean it’s been in bookmarks for the longest but I’m finally getting around to start reading it today & so many posts are needed in my life at the moment so it was meant to be. Take this one for instance, I just got my natural hair professional flat-ironed Sat, & I had flakes & still does, I’m definitely trying this.

  5. I’m experiencing the same thing too. It seems that you can’t get rid of dandruff completely with just one application. I think it’s kinda like gardening where you need to keep an eye on things occasionally to keep things in order. Besides, these herbal ingredients are good for the skin…

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