I ♥ My…

I’ve been fighting some demons lately. It all stemmed from having to look through 222 of the pictures from the photoshoot we did with Vivid Vignettes. I analyzed and scrutinized every picture. I’ve got to be honest it’s not easy being photographed next to slim Shanti while I’m struggling to have a healthy body and body image. I almost let it get the best of me until I saw a picture of the new healthy and fit Jordin Sparks online and it inspired me to just keep on keeping on. I really want to be a source of encouragement for all the women that wrote me and show me so much love when I initially came clean about my weight issues. So, instead of feeling sorry for myself and getting stuck in comparisons I worked out and wrote a list of some of the things that are unique to me and that I love about my body….
If you’d like to hear it, here it go
I My…
-extreme and somewhat deceiving arch of my back
– huge dip in my nose
– smile
– big ass head
-curve of my breasts
-flat but oh-so-cute feet
and lastly my
-big ass soup coolers
Sometimes you need a little reminder ☺
What’s on your list? What do you love about you?

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6 thoughts on “I ♥ My…

  1. I <3 this post:) You looking good girl, keep up the good work! I know Jordin is badazz, but so are we and when we get to her size, she'll see whose the baddest lol;) I have been slowly but surely losing and putting restrictions on my eating, with a little working out here & there. Your list ahh, nice, here's mine:

    -my tiny, barely there lips
    -pretty nails & hands
    -big donk, lol
    -puffy cheeks when I smile
    -dippy chin:)

  2. Well just know you passed on that energy cause your post gave me life. I took a walk at lunch time and decided to eat what I brought for lunch and not look at this chick next to me eating something that looks so out of the world scrumptious (garlic mash potatoes are the 7th level of hell). I’m eating my salad and humming Beyonce’s get me bodied… We GON DO DIS!

  3. I love my amber colored eyes
    I love my larger than life thighs
    I love my flat & fat feet
    I love my curvy torso
    I love U Antoniette….lol!

  4. This is the cutest post! So true–it’s so easy to overlook some of our dopest assets. What’s on my list? I heart my big ass forehead (even though I used to hate it back in the day:)). Love the blog, btw, you guys have the best energy <3 Lola Zabeth

  5. Girl love yourself now! Enjoy your weight loss journey. Recognize the inner power you feel when you see yourself getting stronger. Congratulate yourself when you go from doing 5 push ups to 10, or when you go from running 1 mile to 3. As my sister says it is a journey to wellness. The end result is not only to be thin but to be fit, strong and healthy. Let’s face it there may be seasons in our life were gain a little extra weight here and there (pregnancy, school) the important thing now as young women in our twenties is that we develop healthy habits to carry us through our life time. I’m 5’9, 200 lbs. Yes I have weight to loose but girl I have to recognize my sexiness at whatever weight I’m at. Today I’m loving my big calves!

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