How to Stay on Your Hustle When Your Not Rick Ross

As you all know from this post, I am a visual, sensory, “here and now kind” of person. I am an artist so I tend to be sensitive about my shit. A creative writer, visual visionary. Alright, alright, alright…I am a procrastinator and hamster brain. I either avoid doing shit or I forget about it!!!
But don’t get it twisted. That does not mean I’m not a hustla. I’m grind city when I feel like it. I’m focused and capable of pure genius…when I feel like it. Unlike Antoinette, who is a lunatic machine and should actually go to sleep somewhere because it’s been days since she has eaten, slept or had a real conversation with another human being, I need reminders on how to stay on the daily grind of pursuing my dreams. So for those who also suffer from the artist’s plight of ADD and procrastination – Here are some tips to keep you everyday hustlin’, hustlin’, hustlin’.
1. Make a damn “To Do” list.
Be reasonable and write down everything you need to accomplish that week. Do not include future things. Just the immediate, necessary things you actually CAN DO. Tape that ish somewhere where it haunts you. Your bathroom mirror, computer screen, child’s forehead, wherever…
2. Listen to Beyonce and watch her videos.
Even if you don’t like her do it anyway. She will be your motivation. This woman rehearsed for hours, promoted a new album, toured for months, sold out shows and DANCED IN HIGH HEELS ALL WHILE PREGNANT and making the damn effort to HIDE THAT SHE WAS PREGNANT!!!! She is the mayor of grind city. She has the keys to grind city. She recently just had a gold statue made of herself and presented it to everyone at the city hall of grind city. She will inspire you to work harder and go the extra mile. Pregnant. Dancing. Heels.
3. Surround yourself with other people that are motivated.
You will lose if you are not surrounded by people that are not attempting to move forward in their lives. You have to associate yourself with people that can teach you, inspire you and correct you. That’s why Antoinette is my best friend!
4. Say good bye to sleep
If you are working at YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, you don’t sleep. 5-7 hours become the norm. Coffee becomes water, concealer becomes necessary, shit still doesn’t seem to get done. You love every minute of it though.
5.Never make the same mistakes twice
If you are truly hustling, you are paying close attention to your journey. You are learning, growing and appreciative of your failures. In the words of John Maxwell, at times it may feel like you are “failing forward”. Nonetheless, you don’t stop. In every experience you are learning, encouraged and wiser.

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7 thoughts on “How to Stay on Your Hustle When Your Not Rick Ross

  1. Lol at the Beyonce one! That chick is the very picture of grinding tho! Very good post! I do also suffer from artist’s ADD. I’m in the process of one thing an get inspired by something else and then my focus on the first thing wanes…that ish cray

  2. I love the “your clearly not hustlin’ enough if your getting them 8 hours” rule. I actually feel really motivated now.

    Can we get some hustle hard posts on rotation?

  3. Beyonce always makes me feel like I’m being lazy, lol. I watched her new videos the other day and I am officially in go-get-it mode. Now, pray much my strength cause I hope this lasts.

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