Her (Hair) Story- Shakira Nicole

Shakira Nicole
1.Have you always been so confident and in love with your curls? What’s your hair story?
Have I always been so confident and in love w/ my curls….hmmmmmmmm…I’m gonna go with NO!!!! LOL. My mom relaxed my hair when I was around 8 b/c she said it made my full head of hair easier to manage. As many pre-teens do I started to “do my own hair” #FAIL. I didn’t keep up the maintenance of my relaxers and really didn’t know about hair care in general. Itwasn’t until high school that I started to go to the beautician more frequently and even then, the visits were few & far between.
Fast Forward a few years…My last relaxer was in February 2004, right around my birthday. I remember deciding around April that I no longer wanted to relax my hair. There was no specific reason, my hair was healthy, a reasonable length and I loved it. I just thought “what’s the point?” I would go months at a time without relaxing it so why not just cut it out all together? For a while I continued going to the Dominicans to have my hair blown out, sometimes I would get it pressed and then it was on to braids and twists. I really did not know how to care for my own hair so this was the easiest option. After a while I began going to my godsister who was a hair stylist. She kept my hair braided or flat ironed and gradually began cutting off my relaxed ends. So I’ve been on this natural journey for the past 6-7 years. It’s funny to me because to be totally honest I didn’t consider this a “journey” in the beginning. At that time “going natural” also wasn’t as big of a deal or as popular as it is now.
Fast forward again…it wasn’t until around 2008/2009 that I really began to embrace and LEARN my hair. I let the braids and twists go and rocked my own hair more often. I’m still learning my hair and everything is definitely trial and error for me but I am truly enjoying every moment  of it!!!!! I wish that I would have embraced my journey from day 1 but it is what it is and I’m grateful for where I am today!!!!!!!!!!!! 
2. What is your hair regime (how often do you shampoo, condition, deep condition and with what products)?
As I said before I’m still learning my hair every day so my routine changes. As of now I wash my hair once every 2-3 weeks or whenever I feel the need. I only use Shea Moisture’s Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine shampoo when washing my hair. Unlike other shampoos I’ve used in the past, this one does NOT leave my hair dry and I don’t even really need conditioner to add moisture. Additionally I use Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner to detangle. After washing I apply Shea Moisture coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie to give my curls more definition and I oil my scalp with either Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula spray or Isoplus Tea Tree & Lanolin scalp conditioner.
3.What is your detangling process?
After washing my hair I saturate it with Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner. I then part my hair into four sections and detangle one section at a time starting with the ends and working my way up to the root until it’s all detangled
4. Do you put anything in your hair for styling (leave-in conditioner, gel etc)?
I’m a BIG fan of twist outs so to give them an extra POP I always use Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie (can you tell how much I love the stuff lol). I also use Ampro Pro-Styl black gel for my edges depending on what look I’m going for
5. What is your nightly hair routine?
Very simple…depending on how my hair is styled that week, I pull it back into a ponytail, put on my headscarf and GO TO SLEEP!!!
6. What is the worst mistake you have made with your hair?
To date I think the worst mistake I’ve made with my hair is not properly caring for my scalp. At one point I colored my hair fairly regularly and as a result my scalp became VERY dry. Once my beautician told me that I would develop dandruff and my hair would break off from my scalp being dry I MADE SURE to keep my scalp healthy, clean and MOISTURIZED.
7. Who is your hair idol?
I don’t really have a “hair idol” per se. I am inspired by so many chicas out there doing their thing with their natural hair. Every day I see something different, I learn something new and I embrace my hair a little bit more
8. Any words of wisdom that you would like to share with the masses about natural hair?
Natural hair may not be your thing but don’t knock it til you try it…we’ve come a lonnnnnng way
Check out Shakira Nicole’s blog at kiraisnaturallyyours.blogspot.com

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2 thoughts on “Her (Hair) Story- Shakira Nicole

  1. hey!! I have been 3-4months of no relaxer. I have been wearing my hair in kind of protective styles. However, I continue to get my hair blown out by the dominicans, did you notice that ever breaking your hair off?

    • Straightening your hair consistently will definitely lead to damage which leads to breakage. Maybe you should try to stay away from heat for a while

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