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1.Have you always been so confident and in love with your curls?
No actually I was not and that is the reason I wanted so badly to pressure my father to let me get a relaxer. After I cut my hair, the day after,  I was confused and not as thrilled as the night I cut it all of but after that day I have been and still am in love with my curls.
 What’s your hair story?
There was a woman at my job who is a deep, chocolate, fierce type 4 hair type. Her confidence was unexplainable. Not snooty but not meek and mild, not ghetto but very matter-of-fact. I just loved looking at her and I loved her hair…for “her, not for me” lol. As time went on my cousin Tara began bugging the crap outta me about my relaxed hair and how my daughter is looking at me, blah blah blah. I began to be more intrigued. Long story short Christmas night I had kinky twists (Link to Mysteek’s Big Chop ) in my hair and decided I will NOT be going into the New Year with those two textures. I began cutting my hair out the kinky twists. That night I felt new, weird, happy, confused, love, fear, African, proud, and liberation. The next morning was not the same story but my daughter brought it home when she said “I just want to look like you and that she thought I looked beautiful”(Link to Reaction to Big Chop). The relationship with my husband was rocky at first because I was very emotional. I felt him saying he didn’t like my hair was an attack of who I was as a person, not totally understanding that what he was saying was “I don’t like short hair and I don’t like afros”. He was not saying ‘I don’t like how God made you”. But that understanding took sometime and now we are fine.  In marriage they say “learn to choose your battles”. Well I give my husband my womb, my body, my mind, my soul, my dedication, my support but the battle over my hair I will choose to fight. It is the only thing I control.
2. What is your hair regime (how often do you shampoo, condition, deep condition and with what products)?
I think I may shampoo my hair once every 2-3 weeks. I am pre-dominately a co-wash kind of girl. I do this because it takes a while to get that moisture back in my hair. I am very much a DYI type of natural. I make my own Shea butter mix (Link to Mysteek’s Shea Butter Recipe), I make my own deep conditioners (Link to Mysteek’s Deep Conditioner ), my own leave-in (Shea moisture condish, aloe vera juice, water, jojoba oil combined in mist bottle. I also use eco styler gel, I like SheaMoistures curl line and I deep condition about every 2 weeks and my “go to” style is a wash n go.
3.What is your detangling process?
 I detangle in the shower with a cheap condish like Suave naturals or V05. Then I put an oil mixture on my hair and comb through for even distribution.
 4.Do you put anything in your hair for styling (leave-in conditioner, gel etc)?
Eco styler, SheaMoistures curl enhancement smoothie and my Shea butter mix
5.What is your nightly hair routine?
Depending on the style I will twist my hair every night, sleep in a satin pillowcase and satin bonnet. I have tried curl formers, sometimes slick my edges down into a pony tail so I can wear a fake fro pony in the AM, lol. 
6.What is the worst mistake you have made with your hair?
Trying to blow dry my own hair. Now have a small heat damaged patch in the back of  my hair.  

 7. Who is your hair idol?

My hair idol has to be a girl in my exercise group and fb group named Erica Williams. She has the hair texture I would not mind having and the hair color I wish I could dye my hair.

8. What makes you an around the way curl?
I have been following this site since day one for my journey. Back when the name was a Curls Best Friend, lol. These ladies were the FIRST to constantly come out the blue and congratulate me on my triumphs for the trials and tribulations. Never being afraid to chat with fans, treat them as friends, loving, down to earth, very educational in all hair types, talk about more than just hair, loving uplifting young girls about life and their worth, “real” and humble. I will ALWAYS follow Around the Way Curls! They are my stomping ground! I am honored to be one and apart of their movement. The encouragement helped me start my own fb group, fan page and now a meet up group. All named Sistahood of Natural Hair Divas.
9. Any words of wisdom that you would like to share with the masses about natural hair?
 If you are transitioning please take all advice with a grain of salt and just keep it in mind. Learn what works best for your hair. Don’t break your bank trying to get everything at once. Don’t EXPECT your hair to look one way and then when it does not you are discouraged and resentful of your own hair. Love it however it turns out. Don’t go for months with your hair braided in the beginning, waiting for your hair to grow out to the length you want it to be then when you have this big pile of hair that you have not learned in stages, have not found out what it likes, you don’t know how to comb it, then when you want to go back to a relaxer and say “its because you tried but it wasn’t working”. Protective style for a month, learn your hair for a month. That’s what I would suggest. Try a commercial product out for longer than 1 time. Most things in life take at least 2 weeks to get a proper feel of how it works. But if you just don’t like how it feels on your hair period then thats totally understandable, lol. Natural hair is something you have to want. Something you are determined to learn and work on. It’s like a relationship. You start off in love, it can get rough as times goes on, things change but you have to love it enough to want to keep it healthy and learn what it takes to keep you happy with it.
We have always loved your confidence, candor and warmth Mysteek. Keep up the awesome work you are doing with your family, health and hair!
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