Her (Hair) Story- Marla C. Harris

Marla C. Harris Process Free for 7 Years Naturally Styled for 1 Month, 3 Weeks and 4 Days!
When did you decide to go natural? What was transitioning like? Have you always been so confident and in love with your curls? What is your hair story?
The funny thing is this was not a predetermined decision.  I responded to a post on facebook by ALT Haircare for Hair Models. Upon my consultation the option to not press and curl my hair but rather have it twisted with minimal heat was present.
At this time, I was an avid wig wearer, beginning to take more of an interest in the hair below.  I had begun seeing a dermatologist regarding thinning in my crown.  His remedy was steroids.  What he didn’t tell me was if it did bring my hair back I would have to continue use indefinitely.
I shared all of this during my consultation.  The stylist asked me to do it and give it six months, no steroids, no chemicals and no wigs.  I said a little prayer and went with it.  I had nothing to lose but oh what I’ve gained.  I have always been confident; however my confidence soared to new heights.  I never saw my wigs as hiding, they were a manageable option for a woman who had no time to fuss with her hair or be slave to the whims of fickle hairstylists. It was in fact hiding, just a form that met my need and made me comfortable.
How do you think going natural has affected your life? For the better? For the worse?
Going natural was perfectly timed.  The active nature of my lifestyle coupled with the summer heat has affirmed the value of the natural hair lifestyle.  Being natural has opened doors.  I’ve been approached more often regarding opportunities to model and promote awesome business ventures.  And even on a social level, more people approach and complement this wonderful decision.  The drawbacks for me are personal.  I am not a woman who has a natural knack for maintaining her own hair.  I need professional help.  I have found amazing stylists.  However my schedule and sometimes finances make maintenance challenging.
What is your hair regimen and nightly routine? 
I live for my bi-weekly hair appointments.  There I am washed, deep conditioned and twisted (flat twist and/or two strand twist).  At home, I moisturize my hair daily with ALT Haircare’s Olivevette (herb infused daily moisturizer).  In the evening, I apply a quarter-sized amount of ALT Haircare’s 10drill (a curl definer that individually separates each natural curl into its own tendril) on my dampened hair and set my hair on rods. Then I cover it with a satin scarf, to tame frizz  and off to sleep I go. In the morning I uncover, remove the rods and finger style and go.
What is the worst mistake you have made with your hair?
Total neglect.  If you give me something to work with I will do my best to maintain it.  When left to my own devices, lost interest and follicles.  Not a good look.  Love your hair and it will love you back!
Who is your hair idol?
Oprah…that’s one great head of hair.
Any words of wisdom that you would like to share with the masses? 
Choose to go natural, in your own time and on your own terms.  You will need a village when going natural in your kitchen!!!  Connect with a community…that will love you, encourage you and help elevate some of the pitfalls in this journey…like A Curls Best Friend!  Then you can relax…because you’re natural : ) xoxoxo

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