Happy New Year!

Nevermind that we are two weeks late! This is a video sharing our resolutions and our Badgirlriri inspirations..

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9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You ladies are funny as hell! You two remind me of my good friend and me when we get silly. Anyway, I try not to make resolutions because I don’t want to set myself up. A goal that I do have for myself, though, this year is to become a homeowner (a condo owner, really. And not anything fancy. Just something within my budget). That’s the one major thing.

  2. Cute video! Best of luck to you both in reaching your goals and meeting your resolutions.

    I plan on living in the moment more and not holding back. This almost got me in a bit of trouble at the gym yesterday, as I had to step to this old man who tried to pouch his way onto a treadmill I had been waiting in line for. He stepped onto the treadmill as though he didn’t see folk waiting, so I stepped up on it right behind him. He looked shocked and scared. . . like I was the crazy one. He stepped right on off. I told him this was the U.S. and people wait their turn. Lol!
    It worked!

  3. I love you guys. You are soooo cute! LOL @ Shanti and the no smoking. 2013 is the year I plan to pray more,put more energy into making my dreams a reality and do some dating! 🙂 Heh.

  4. Yall are hilarious, I love it. I totally dig what you guys are saying. I’ve been feeling Rihanna lately too; that “Pour It Up” song has me too hype right now, despite the ratchetness lol. Happy New Year ATWC! 😀

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