Hair Rules Review

hair rules salon    

Recently, Shanti and I went to critically acclaimed curly girl salon, Hair Rules in NYC. We went with the high hopes of complete color transformation and new do’s. We left humbled and educated. Watch the video below for details on our sobering experience. 

Shanti’s Sun Kissed Summer Color

Shanti Hair Rules Color    

Antoinette’s Color Fix.

antoinette henry

Was it worth it? What y’all think? 

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One thought on “Hair Rules Review

  1. You both look great! Hair looks healthy and fashion forward.

    I think some of these salons are capitalizing on the Natural Hair Movement and all the angst that many new naturals experience while getting to know their hair. They (along with product companies) are making beaucoup (Fr. for boo-koo)
    dollars on the vulnerability people feel about styling their natural hair.
    The cost can be extremely ( an unrealistically) high for the services that are being provided — regardless of the talent providing it. Afterall, how many damn ways is there to twist/braid/cut/wash n go some hair???

    I went to Ouidad salon in NYC yrs ago and they did that slice n carve method of cutting on my hair along with trying to talk a hole in my head about buying product AND charged me an arm and a leg. It took yrs to undo the bad outcome.

    So, I would advise people to be very careful. I agree with you, IF you can afford it AND the salon is offering something beyond what you can reasonably get elsewhere, by all means, drop dollar.

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