Gotta Get That Old Thing Back

 Remember when you first went natural or your initial pursuit towards healthier hair? Remember the excitement and anticipation experienced when visiting your favorite hair blogger? For me it was Curly Nikki and MoptopMaven. I was obsessed. Remember the hours spent trying you first twist out, braid out or bantu knots?
For me, my beginnings with my hair are comparative to a new, young, horny relationship. I was doing it 3 times a week. Oh honey the many styles! I was switching it up daily, exploring new techniques, reading books and blogs about it. I would take it slow and gentle with my washing, buy the best deep conditioner and put in 3 hours for one deep conditioning session! I was telling everybody, everywhere, every chance I had about how wonderful it is to go natural. I was sharing all my intimate and personal hair tips. I was madly in love with my hair.
3 years later and now we aiiiight. I mean I do it when I have the time and when I do it, I stick to my routine. Quickie wash, rushed detangling and I am done. 30 mins tops. Deep conditioning?! I never have time for that. I am in a rut with my hair. I used to try new styles, be excited about my hair regime! The flame is gone. I got to get that old thing back!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Gotta Get That Old Thing Back

  1. I can’t agree more! Been natural for 4 years now, but the past year I’ve really neglected my hair :(… Being a student and on a budget hasn’t helped that I couldn’t get regular trims. Also, after buying products that didn’t work great on my hair, I had to just make do because I was on a budget… And then you just have those days when you shove up your hair in a pony when you’re in a rush, and rushing hair wash day because you have other things to do!…

    My hair definitely isn’t in as good condition as when I first started 🙁 BUT yesterday I finally went to the salon. I had a treatment and 2 inches cut off which I don’t mind. I want my hair to be healthy and it’s time to start looking after it again!

    Keep coming with the tips ladies… and please bring one of your events to London!

    Grace =)

  2. I honestly just find it to be a chore about 85% of the time and the longer it’s getting the more work it is. I want to chop it all off but I have a master plan that I want to stick too. Want to hear it? Here it go: I started with an A-line bob that I flat ironed weekly. Then when I discovered the natural hair world (I’ve always been natural) I decided to grow my hair out and stop using heat. Fast forward to now I am a little past APL (arm pit length) and I am working my way to Waist length, then I’ll rock that for a couple of year. Cut it off to a few inches of hair, grow locs (think old Goapele) to about mid back length, rock that for a couple of years, chop em off back to a few inches of hair and rock that going forward. That’s my master plan

  3. I would say try a new hairstyle… something different… that way you want to make sure you do it the right way and spend some time with your hair… another idea would be to put your hair away for a while, like do braids or twists and try and leave them in for a couple of weeks… that always helps me grow some appreciation for my hair, and it makes me miss my hair a lot.

  4. Read some hair horror stories!! ….Okay so that may be a bit demented, but it does bring about a sense of appreciation for what you have, maybe even reignite the passion for maintaining healthy strands.
    A new color or shape could also put some heat back into your hair-lationship. <3

  5. For me, it is actually comforting to be in this phase where my (natural) hair is just my hair. I have finally normalized it, for myself. I put it up into a bun for days. I leave it stretched out for a little while, intentionally and unintentionally. I like the naturalness of it. It represents for me, my being at peace with my hair. The anxiety of finding what works, and what looks good, is gone. It says to me, that I am no longer trying to get used to it, or make my hair work. All I wanted from the beginning, anyway, was to be able to wake up, pull my hair, and just go. That was a key incentive in my decision to go natural. I wanted it to be like when my hair is in braids, I don’t really think about it. I wake up and go. Now, I no longer fret about my hair, and I am glad.

  6. ditto its hard work! but I do find I tend to perk up about my hair after a fresh cut, or when I occasionally get it flat ironed for a straight look (maybe once every 3-4months)…or maybe some highlights to give the same style a little spark without overwhelming it with chemicals…

  7. My flame has burnt out. I have been natural for ten plus years, and I am stuck in a rut myself. My hair texture has felt like it has changed over the last year, and it doesn’t style like it used to, so i stick to a routine that i know works. I’m going through the same thing you are. Maybe some highlights and some layers would do the trick?

  8. First can I say how fierce your hair looks in the pics above. I’ve been natural i guess for almost two years now and I am in a def rut. I am too lazy to try anything and I remember when I used to wear twistouts almost everyday and still get to work at 7am. No idea how. I threw some braids in to give myself a break. Maybe when I take them out, the love affair will be renewed.

  9. I have been natural for 15 years and for me it has been trying new products, new styling techniques, new colors, sometimes I even straighten it to make me realize how much I love my curls. next up cut it off and start again 🙂 I cant wait.

  10. I’ve never had chemically treated hair, I’m 21 & have been natural since birth (I haven’t even had my hair colored). I am BEYOND bored. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls. But I am a full time nursing student & a full time mommy to a VERY active almost 2 year old and quite frankly my hair is constantly getting the short end of the stick because it is such an arduous task. I am contemplating getting a relaxer not to eliminate my curls, but to relax them enough to where my roots don’t go wild when I hit this Houston humidity. Right now my hair is a little past bra strap length but I am planning on growing it to waist length & then donating it. So that is the only thing that is keeping me natural right now.

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