Fairy Tale or Fraud? Meagan Good’s, DeVon Franklin Talks Sex & Celibacy

He was on some serious No Commitment No Cutty.  Ladies, could you refrain from sex for over ten years while trying to find your true love and life partner? Do you think it’s necessary? Could you marry someone without ever having sex with them? Does sex tend to over shadow everything else? Where is the romance? Where is the pursuit? What happened to the idea of getting to know someone? And is it possible to really get to know someone if you’re quick to jump in the sheets with them? Are you really taking them for face value or is the “D” trumping everything and clouding our judgement? Are we really on some “Ima put it down, you gon’ fall in love” ish? 
PS. In my opinion, Meagan Good is one lucky woman.

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25 thoughts on “Fairy Tale or Fraud? Meagan Good’s, DeVon Franklin Talks Sex & Celibacy

  1. I know Devon and his family they’re really great people and she is lucky.I abstained from sex for 3 years before I met my husband, we dated for 2 years before getting married. I’m very glad that we made the decision early on that although both of us had had sex before we would not have sex this time. It takes a lot of pressure off of the relationship. When we finally did have sex after getting married it wasn’t any better then with any of the other guys, but because we were committed through marriage we worked on it and it’s really good now.

    • Good for you! that’s great to hear. I wonder if we could possibly do an interview with you about it. We could even do it anonymously if you would be more comfortable with that.

  2. I wish I would have made the decision to refrain from sex in previous relationships. Even in my current one I realized that sex isn’t just a physical thing. It has to do with emotional and spiritual energy. It can confuse you if you don’t know what you’re getting into already. I love the fact that Devon & Meagan decided to wait. I hope it sets an example that everyone can learn from.

    • I think we all have those people that we wish we would have abstained from but what can you do? Live and learn. I hope folks learn from them too. Whether they want to wait till marriage or not it’s important to take your time and be clear that the person deserves you.

  3. If I personally could go back in time and beg myself not to do something, it would be having sex. It’s soooo much more than physical and as a female can blur your perception. I applaud them and I pray I can find a man like that! Love you girls!!

  4. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half, we became sexually active approx 3 months into our relationship, then after a few months of no activity, we talked about it, and decided on celibacy. At first I was the one fighting it because I was not used to being with someone without BEING WITH SOMEONE. I had to take at look at myself, and why I felt sex was a requirement . I have an amazing man that loves me, and that’s it and he expresses that in his actions and with his words. Instead we focus appreciating each other in different ways. We both know the other isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I think our bodies need a rest from all that ‘sexual stress’ there are so many other areas we need to focus on in a relationship….finances, communication, etc. I never thought I’d being saying this but I actually like abstinence…don’t get me wrong a sista still gets urges (its natural), but I once read ‘A man that can’t control HIMSELF (OR HERSELF) cannot control others’ you can’t control anything in your life if you can’t control yourself. I apply that to sex, money, food, etc if you have a goal and you’re focused on that goal you have to ‘check yourself’ from time to time to make sure you stay on track with the bigger picture…in this case its have a strong relationship that is deeper than just the physical.

    • Good for you! So happy to hear that you two are on the same page whether you’re having sex or not. You’re relationship will prosper because of it.

  5. I’ve decided to be celibate (again) and even though it is really hard, I ‘m praying for more and more self control.

    My brother’s 36 and Celibate.

    Not having sex takes nothing away from us women, or men. It’s just something society has made ‘the morm’. I applaud Devon and Megan and wish them happiness for years to come!

  6. I’m celibate, and I admire others that choose to wait for marriage, before having sex. I would definitely marry someone without having sex first.
    I find that celibacy builds character and teaches me how to control urges. It matured me, and made me look at myself and others differently.
    When I took sex out of the equation, I began to value myself and others more. Recap: Celibacy builds character, increases self worth, and helps to control urges.

  7. This is such an interesting topic. I am a 28yr old female, living in a society where fat booties and bad bit**** is the thing to aspire to! I would love to find a “devon” but it is really about not settling. I’ve been celibate by accident for the last year and it hasn’t been about anyone else but me.. There are a bunch of do nothing, about nothing, let me jet hold you brothers out here and us ladies fall for it every time. idk if i can make it 10yrs or even until i’m married to give up my celibacy but it will not b b4 i am in love

    • Agreed. It goes back to having standards for yourself and not settling until you find someone that meets those standards. Good for you Asia. Sex really isn’t worth compromising yourself over.

    • There is hope girlfriend. Ive been dating someone and we have both (up to this point) been content without having sex. So, do you’re thing and folks will fall in line

  8. I think this is awesome (and truly hope it wasn’t a fraud). Men like Devon Franklin are very rare, but they still do exist. As a 22 year old student, the majority of men my age are expecting to have sex in a relationship. But what can you expect when women are giving up their goodies like free samples in a food court? I don’t believe that sex helps people fall in love. In many ways it can complicate a relationship if rushed. We as women should definitely keep our standards high, and have faith that the right man will be willing to respect us.

    • “But what can you expect when women are giving up their goodies like free samples in a food court?”
      This right here.
      I’m also 21 who is deciding to wait however potential relationships that could have been great definitely have gone down the drain because many young men know that they can get the goods without needing to invest in commitment.
      I know. I know. If he is not willing to commit than he is not the right guy. TRUTH. However, I don’t think this is an individual problem. It’s a generational issue. Many men between 20-29 are refusing to have non-sexual relationships with women because they are bent on having a good time now and worrying about the “serious stuff” later. If they know they can get a free happy meal when they want it, what’s the point in investing preparing and cooking a good meal?

  9. Wow its great that they waited. It’s so much pressure to just have sex these days. I’m a 24 year virgin female and sometimes get pressure from my family to just find a man and lose it but I don’t want to just sleep with anyone. So I’m taking my time but sometimes I do feel like the odd girl out.

  10. I think keeping ‘it’ until marriage is amazing. I maintained that stance for so long, but I recently lost my virginity to a friend of mine earlier this year. We sepnt so much time together for so long (at university etc) where nothing happened, and then one night……. It’s sort of secret amongst our friendship group because I don’t want it spread around, which is what would happen because quite a few girls in the group are attracted to him, but he’s not interested in them. So I would end up getting treated with thinly veiled anger if they knew! Also, some of my male blacks friends would have a bit of fit because he’s white. I live in England, not America where IR is more normal, but I do have some friends who would give me what americans call ‘a side eye.’

    Part of me is dissapointed for not holding out! But the experience has made me more determined to maintain the celibacy route. I don’t want to share that with anyone else except my future husband now.

  11. A man who has self-control is a huge quality that I’m looking for. I hate that society conditions men and women to believe that men were not made to control themselves sexually as though they are literally dogs! Not to be too religious or anything but God made MAN over any dog, monkey, or donkey, therefore men should definitely be able to exhibit self-control/restraint. It’s not only a clear indication of a man’s maturity level but also how he handles other things in his life such as finances, infidelity, or anger. I’ve been celibate for I think almost 3 years and I know he is out there and ours paths will cross sooner or later. Yes, sometimes my hormones are really out of this universe and it’s all I can think about. However I know that even if I meet a guy I like tomorrow, he is not worthy to be all up in my holy’s of holy’s and I am don’t deserve to be up in his!

  12. I’ve been celibate for a little bit over a year and I agree that I am more focused on other things. Now I think about “when I get married” instead of “when I get a boyfriend”. I don’t want the temporary! I want the forever and that is the biggest push I need in staying celibate. And if I knew then what I know NOW about sex I would have never given my V-card up to someone temporary! lol. Devon is an excellent example of a what a real man is, and definitely gives hope to the theory that there are good men out there because there ARE!

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