Exerpt from “Until Today” – Iyanla Vanzant


“I will know peace when… I accept and acknowledge the truth”

“Some people sleep around with many other people regardless of the physical and emotional risks involved. Others drink alcohol or ingest chemical substances to their own detriment. There are people who are very fond of taking things that do not belong to them. Some people lie just for the fun of it, others because the cannot seem to stop themselves. Usually we do these things when we forget the truth of who we are.

The truth is that we are all messiahs of one sort or another. According to Webster, a messiah is: The leader of some hope or cause. When you are living the truth, you offer others hope. When you are living the truth, you cause other people to realize the truth about themselves. When people see the glory, the grace, the peace of your life, they are inspired.

There is nothing that you can ever do to erase the truth about who you are. One day when you least expect it or when you ask for it, one kernel of living truth buried somewhere in your being will be awakened.  On that day, which could be today, all of your false beliefs and harsh judgements will vanish! All reluctance will disappear, and your greatest detriment will become the divine core of your life’s ministry. Let today be that day!

Until today, you may have been engaged in self-destructive behavior to support the reluctance you feel about being a chosen one. Just for today, activate the truth in your consciousness. Accept the fact that you are important. Acknowledge the fact that you have been chosen to lead others out of a fear-based, unproductive lifestyle. Let your life and your determination inspire others to live the truth of their being”

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