Essence Has The Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers’ Holiday Gift Guide

shanti essence holiday hair around the way curls

antoinette essence holiday hair around the way curls

It’s that time of year and Nicole Melton along with the good folks over at Essence put this gift guide together for those folks who still don’t know how to give a natural girl a gift. This is for all the Mop Tops who despite being natural continue to receive chi irons, Just for Me relaxers, Luster’s Pink Moisturizing Lotion, Blue Magic Grease, sulfate shampoo that should be called ‘Get ready to strip’,  itty bitty-teeny weeny hats that either on’t fit or would destroy our curls and lace front weaves. Seriously, though I have gotten some of these gifts during the holiday season and it use to make me feel slighted but now I realize some of my beloved family just don’t get it.

Take a look at the list and be sure to send the link to your man/daddy/anyone clueless about kinks and curls. 

I’m actually going to get one of the beanies Hey Fran Hey recommended. They are cute as a boot.

In the meantime, because we like to laugh around on here do tell, what has been your worst gift experience? It doesn’t even have to be about hair.

I’ll start, matching bright red, grown woman-sized, red, fluffy, bedtime onesies (feet and hood included) for me and my surprise half-sister that I was meeting for the first time….ever. SMH. Top that.


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2 thoughts on “Essence Has The Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers’ Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Well this didn’t happen to me, but a friend of mine received small bath towels from a close friend of hers on her birthday (This was my first time meeting the girl). She gave her the gift the night we were all out celebrating and after a few too many drinks at dinner my friend started crying after opening the present and kept repeating “she gave me a stupid gift. look at this stupid gift.” It was actually hilarious. My friend explained to me the next morning that she was just disappointed bc she had gone all for that same girl with the stupid gift on her birthday just two weeks before lol.

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