East Africa Stand Up



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6 thoughts on “East Africa Stand Up

  1. I’m feeling the love east africa gets on this blog! Shanti U rep harder than some east african girls lol keep it up. Mothers that empower their children to value their culture & heritage are BEAUTIFUL.

    • Abso-tootin’-lutely!!!
      I love my Somalians, Eritrians, Ethiopians, Kenyans etc. They are beautiful people. My baby’s father and my little boody do (nick name for my baby girl) have allowed me to be exposed of those beautiful cultures! I want her to be proud and relate to being Habesha

  2. We love you to Shanti!! Thanks for reppin the East Africans. I’m a Somali from DC. Love Shanti and Antoinette!

  3. Whaaaaat! Your baby girl is habesha? Seeing you rep the culture makes me happy as an Ethiopian reader 🙂 Thanks for all the inspirational content you two put out consistently!

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