(Do) Sweat the Technique Series – Shampoo and Conditioning Together


A technique that I have recently adopted (due to stalking kimmaytube) is applying conditioner to hair that still has shampoo on it. Sounds crazy right? The reasoning behind this is to keep the PH of the hair balanced at all times. Shampoos and conditioners tend to have different PHs which affect the state of hair differently. Shampoo raises the hair’s cuticles while conditioner closes them. By adding the conditioner while the shampoo is still on keeps the hair in balance with a less “reactive” response to the shampoo. The process goes a little something like this.

I take my sectioned hair and after I have cleansed it with the shampoo, I add the conditioner, let it sit for a minute while I finger detangle and then rinse. I then add more conditioner and continue towards the process of detangling.  I have noticed that my hair feels significantly less dry, more defined and smoother in appearance as well.

Give it a try!


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