DIY – How to Make a Retro Hair Rat

A “rat” was used to make this pictured retro bang
I have been looking online for a comprehensive tutorial of how to make a hair rat but I have yet to come upon one. So I decided to make one because I imagine that lots of other people are desperate for the “how to” as well. The tools needed are a ruler, scissors,flexible hair roller, wire cutters (or any heavy duty scissors that can cut through wire), an old black or dark brown stocking and a needle and thread. Lets begin!
The tools 
Measure and mark 1″ on both ends of your flexy roller. Note: Determine which length is best for you before you cut. My measurement may not be applicable to you.
Cut off your measurement of the foam. Do not attempt to cut the wire yet.
This is how it should appear after cutting the foam. The inner wire should be exposed.
Now using your wire cutters, cut the exposed wire.
This is how it should look afterwards. Make sure that the cut wire is protected by the foam. You do not want your head getting poked or hair getting snagged by it.
Now take your darkly colored stocking of choice and cut it to be slightly longer than the flexy roller. You want the color to closely match the color of your hair so it is not noticeable. Note: The stocking was cut blunty across the leg meaning it is double sided. Is that understandable? I hope so.
 Roll the flexi roller in the stocking until it is completely encased.
 Take your needle and thread and sew the roller inside the stocking. 
It should result in looking like this (only neater).
 Now cut the ends. Make sure to not cut too closely because you are going to have to sew them together.
 Now do just that! Sew the ends on both sides of the roller.
 This is how it should look.
Wamski! You got yourself a hair rat. Go H.A.M ladies!

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5 thoughts on “DIY – How to Make a Retro Hair Rat

  1. Thanks Courtney. I saw hers as well. With the wire flexy roller you have more control with the shaping and hold rather than the donut. But this is true not everyone has a wire cutter (random right?)…
    Thanks for the link!

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