DIY: Away From Home Kitchen Curl Restoration

ANTOINETTE AROUND THE WAY CURLSMy God. My God. That is some thirsty hair.

How many of you have traveled somewhere (especially during the holidays) and later realized that you forgot all your hair products at home?! It happens to the best of us and this Thanksgiving it happened to me. Keep in mind my momma is white so there was no extra Kinky Curly lying hair steamer… no diffuser… not even a wide tooth comb for goodness sake.

Anyway, I went home sporting my second day Curling Wand Lose Waves thinking I was going to get a day three out of them and play the shyt out of myself. I looked in the mirror on day three and my hair was not only a rat’s nest it was as dry as hay. I looked like the scarecrow. As I combed my hair with the thinnest of combs I watched in horror as my curls began to break off one by one. I sat there disheveled, cursing myself out for a) thinking it was cool to put heat on my hair three days in a row and b) leaving my ish at home. But then I realized that my mom may not be a fellow kinky curly but she is a health nut and surely I would be able to find something to restore my strands in her kitchen. I scurried downstairs and Mom Dukes did not disappoint.

Here’s What I Used 


2 TBLS of Agave Nectur, 1 TBLS of Organic Coconut Oil 

Apply to wet hair. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash Out. I of course didn’t have my sulfate free shampoo so I used some rinky dink stuff she had lying around.

Conditioning Treatment with a Bit of Protein

 1/2 Cup of Plain Yogurt (Conditioner), 1 TBLS of Mayo (Protein), 1TBLS of Aloe Vera Juice (Sealant)

Add to wet hair after shampooing. Leave on for 20 minutes. For added results, run hot water in your shower and let the steam help to lift your cuticles and penetrate the hair shaft.

  Usually, if your hair is dry, I don’t recommend doing a protein treatment but because I had put heat on my hair the days prior, I thought it was necessary and would help restore/reverse any damage that may have occurred. You always want the protein content and the moisture content of your hair to be balanced therefore too much protein can interfere with your hair’s elasticity and cause it to break. This is why I personally believe that protein treatment should always be in conjunction with deep conditioners.

Non Leave-in Conditioner as Leave-in Conditioner

I don’t know what this stuff was but after I rinsed the conditioning treatment out I didn’t have any slip to my hair and it was difficult detangling it. So, I saw this little green bottle and thought, why not? I added about a quarter size to my head, let that mess dry and it turned out just fine. I really wish I would have had some Kinky Curly or Karen’s Body Beautiful with me because it would have really put the icing on the cake of my ‘Curl Restoration’ but you can’t win them all. Peep the results below.


antoinette around the way curls antoinette around the way curls

 I wasn’t mad at the results at all. Needless to say, I’m giving my beloved curling wand a break. I was too hype when I first got it and OD’d but rehab is going well …lot’s of buns, pigtails and deep conditioners.

I must admit, I really like DIY treatments. I feel like a mad scientist or something. Y’all got any DYI’s to suggest that you think I should try?


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5 thoughts on “DIY: Away From Home Kitchen Curl Restoration

  1. Wow you’re really resourceful. I would have never thought to use house hold ingredients, I woulda just had to walk around with a rats nest on Thanksgiving lol… Or run to the nearest target.

  2. the best two deep conditioners ive been working with are really amazing! since im focusing on school DIY hair products are a life saver!!

    1. coconut oil + egg.
    heat up your coconut and crack an egg. depending on your hair length use 1 or two. beat your egg and slowly mix in the coconut oil. you want your mixture to be hot when you put on your head. you can either work quickly (super messy) or put a cap on your head and sit under the blower. sit for 20 minutes then wash out!

    2. banana and avocado. squish your banana well (and i mean very well. like once you mush it, put it in the blender and mush again). same goes for the avocado. mix the two and add just a little of olive oil (only if you have a dry scalp) and apply to your hair. if your hair is super dry add honey to the mix and voila! amazing curls

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