Change Your Curl Pattern: Do A Dry Twist Out!

While we love our curls, the same style and curl pattern can leave us feeling bored and mundane. Change it up with a dry twist out. I’ll show you how.
Start with Moisturized Hair. I used Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment
Remove hair from face. Put in a ponytail.
Select a section of hair starting at the back. The amount of hair you use depends on the thickness of your hair and your desired look. If you want your curl pattern to be very thick and chunky with ‘S’ shaped waves, you want to use more hair. If you want a thinner, tighter, curl effect, use less hair.
Gently detangle and smooth your hair with a padded or denman-esque type brush (not bristled). Please excuse the wretched appearance of my brush. It’s my favorite and I’m not giving it up!
Twist hair.
Curl the end of the twist with your fingers and secure with a bobby pin.
Continue said process around your head. This is what your completed twists will look like. *Be sure not to part your hair in the center. Otherwise, your hair will be very flat at the top of your head. I usually put twists directly in the center of my head. When you take the twists out you can part your hair wherever desired.
I recommend doing this at night. Pin your twists to the top of your head. It will help maintain your twists while you sleep.
Cover you hair and go to bed.
In the morning, gently untwist your hair.
This should be the result.
Continue to separate your hair until you achieve the body you desire.
Massage your scalp at the root to add body and separate parts.
Tada! The results of your dry twist out.
Style as desired.

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