ATWC Recognized by Refinery29 in “Top 12 Best Beauty Blogs That Every Natural-Haired Girl Should Bookmark”


What??!!! This is really exciting news for Antoinette and myself. We are honored to be recognized by such a respected, popular, diverse source. To check out the list of other blogs mentioned as well as our write up, click


(Beauty blog though? If Ya’ll don’t say anything we wont….)

curlBOX’s September Nude Issue: An Interview With CEO Myleik Teele

curlbox myleik teele nude issue natural hair

 What was the inspiration and vision behind the shoot? I consider myself an “artist” and I love to collaborate with other artists as often as I can. I have always wanted to produce a photo shoot with black women in a high fashion environment. I wanted to do something with the everyday woman and essentially put her on a page of Vogue.

What statement did you intent to make and what was the purpose and significance of the nudity? I’m really not trying to make any statements. This is just something I wanted to do and I hope that other people enjoy it as much as I did. I wanted to do a nude photo shoot like this mainly because I have never seen one done this way with real women. We often talk about things being aspirational … I believe this shoot is something attainable. You don’t have to be a model to be beautiful.

What does the female body/nudity have to do with hair and the curlBOX brand? How do they correlate and coincide? The curlBOX brand is a lifestyle brand centered around our crowns (our hair). It’s all about freedom with us.

 What do you want your readers to take away from the images? How would you like the spread to be received? I’m not really the kind of person that wants to dictate what you think about something that I’ve done. Yes, I’m human and whenever you are an “artist” and you put something from your imagination out to the public, you hope that they receive it the way that you dreamt it but that’s not always the case. Art is always interpreted differently by each person. I’ve struggled in the past with criticism but over time I have learned that what people think of a person or product (good or bad), has everything to do with the critic. I always say: Take compliments and criticism the same – lightly.

What would you say to critics that may say the nudity is unnecessary and objectifying women? How will you address negative feedback? I don’t really have anything to say. I recently read a Kevin Hart interview and I think he nailed it: “But, I’m such a grounded guy so, I understand where it comes from and I understand why it happens. The public’s job is to judge.”

What were your worries while planning the shoot? I don’t really spend a lot of time worrying. I have worked in a fast-paced work environment for several years so I can do many things at once. It’s always my job to manage all of the moving pieces or manage those that have been hired to move pieces around. Working with various personalities and making sure everyone is happy (enough *lol*) and ON TIME is always the name of the game. 🙂

 How did you chose the models, photographer, make-up artist and hair stylist? I wanted the models to show a range of styles, bodies and beauty. I’m often intrigued by certain features on women of color. I am often blown away by striking facial composition or body proportion or sometimes its a simple as the energy a person has. I wanted to have all of those women shot by my all time favorite photographer, Itaysha Jordan.

When I started laying out my vision board about the look and feel of curlBOX I had researched tons of photos and I fell in love with a photography style. I found out that the photographer was Itaysha Jordan and we talked over the phone last Thanksgiving and then we met in person over dinner in New York earlier this year and then I told her about my idea for the nude shoot and then she just nailed it. Dante Blandshaw is one of her best friends and he’s just sick with hair period. Alexis is an awesome young makeup artist and she has amazing hair and we’ve shared her pic on instagram a ton so I couldn’t wait to have her be a part of this shoot.

Was it difficult to get folks to agree to do it? Believe it or not, only one person said no to doing this.

Not only did you produce the shoot but you also served as one of the models. How did it feel posing nude? Did you have concerns about professionalism and perception being curlBOX’s CEO? People are often insecure about the way that they look, naturally. While we used hair and makeup to make this a high fashion shoot, I wanted to show that this is what I look like. This is what WE look like. As the CEO, I am still an everyday woman that experiences many of the same issues that women of color experience. I don’t think there’s anything unprofessional about these beautiful photos.

During the shoot you made a very poignant and unapologetic statement about curlBOX being for black women. Can you elaborate on that? Also, from a marketing standpoint what kind of responses does that statement warrant? I mentioned that in interviews I have been asked if this is a service for black women and I said that I have responded with the answer of YES. I’m not ashamed to say that I created his for women of color and my hope is that all women with curly hair can enjoy the experience. This is created with women of color in mind.

 Any regrets? No.

 Any last words? I had an absolute blast at the shoot and can’t wait for people to experience it!

All The Ladies In The Place With Style and Grace

taren Guy curlbox myleik teele nude issue natural hair
Taren Guy
fola curlbox myleik teele nude issue natural hair

Fola Sade

ms vaughn curlbox myleik teele nude issue natural hair

Ms. Vaughn

antoinette henry around the way curls curlbox myleik teele nude issue natural hair

Antoinette Motha Suckin Henry
“Those that don’t got it can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it.” -Zola Neale Hurston

I have to say, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m going to do a video about it soon. And I’ve got to give myself some credit. I have come a long way since I first opened up about my weight issues… and now here we are. Thank you all for being so supportive. I’ve gotten nothing but love.

 Be kind to yourselves ladies. I am learning how to more and more everyday. 

Tracee Ellis Ross Launches “Hair Love” Campaign After Our Instagram Post

Tracee Writes:

“So the other day I reposted an image that I saw on Instagram that absolutely killed me!  Seriously, I was crying with laughter.  As funny as it was, it started to stir something inside me–a bit of which I expressed in my Instagram caption– but the more I thought on it, the more I realized it needed a larger response.  So I took to my laptop and recorded a video!  Apologies for the blurriness, I’m doing my best to be more technologically savvy but apparently it’s a process, hahaha!  Anyways, hope you enjoy a bit of my hair story, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear why you LOVE YOUR HAIR!”

This is a great campaign. Please take part in it. Shanti and I will do it with you. And who really wouldn’t  want to talk hair with Tracee? You’d be buggin. But seriously, remember only love someone else’s hair as long as it is an inspiration to you to love you own. Can’t wait to see you videos. Make sure you tweet them to us.

The Curl Episode 2: Porosity and The Chart!

An original web series for Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement



You’ve heard these words before, but what does porosity really mean, especially when it comes to your hair’s strength, health and ability to retain moisture? In this episode of The Curl, we break down the real meaning of the word while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers, including Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, and Shanti & Antoinette of Around the Way Curls, share their candid and often hilarious hair stories. Also, you’ll hear tips on the best hair products for natural and all hair types. To repair your hair and end hair damage, you need to know your hair’s porosity.

 Have You Joined the Movement?

Watch The First Episode of “The Curl” by Carol’s Daughter Featuring Us Here!

 an original web series for Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement Episode ONE:
The pompadour: a timeless, quick hairstyle that can easily be transitioned from the workplace to a night out on the town.  In this episode of “The Curl”, we break present the history and and easy guide to achieve the style, while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers, including Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, Franchesca Ramsey of Chescalocs and Shanti & Antoinette of Around the Way Curls share their candid and often hilarious hair stories.
There are great things happening over at the Transitioning Movement. Have you stopped by yet?

Carol Daughter’s “The Curl” Premiers Wednesday December 5th!

Coming to December 5th!

Check out the trailer for “The Curl,” the first episode of which will premiere on Wednesday, December 5. Designed as a series for Carol’s Daughter’s new site, Transitioning Movement, “The Curl” will be the first show of its kind, a show that, when put together, defines, entertains and exposes viewers to natural hair terminology and hairstyles in a comprehensive way, while getting a sneak peek into the lives of women who share their own candid, incredibly diverse hair stories. This series is for every woman-sister-mother-friend who has ever wondered, “What exactly am I going to do with my hair?” and “How can I achieve my own, unique look?


Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes Shanti and Antoinette of Around the Way Curls Francheska Medina of Hey Fran Hey Fran Ramsey of Chescalocs Enyinne of Heritage 1960, and more…

Director: Dominique DeLeon of Special Boy Films Producer: Kristin Braswell Director of Photography: Shawn Peters Associate Producer: Sharlyn Pierre

Essence Has The Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers’ Holiday Gift Guide

shanti essence holiday hair around the way curls

antoinette essence holiday hair around the way curls

It’s that time of year and Nicole Melton along with the good folks over at Essence put this gift guide together for those folks who still don’t know how to give a natural girl a gift. This is for all the Mop Tops who despite being natural continue to receive chi irons, Just for Me relaxers, Luster’s Pink Moisturizing Lotion, Blue Magic Grease, sulfate shampoo that should be called ‘Get ready to strip’,  itty bitty-teeny weeny hats that either on’t fit or would destroy our curls and lace front weaves. Seriously, though I have gotten some of these gifts during the holiday season and it use to make me feel slighted but now I realize some of my beloved family just don’t get it.

Take a look at the list and be sure to send the link to your man/daddy/anyone clueless about kinks and curls. 

I’m actually going to get one of the beanies Hey Fran Hey recommended. They are cute as a boot.

In the meantime, because we like to laugh around on here do tell, what has been your worst gift experience? It doesn’t even have to be about hair.

I’ll start, matching bright red, grown woman-sized, red, fluffy, bedtime onesies (feet and hood included) for me and my surprise half-sister that I was meeting for the first time….ever. SMH. Top that.


Essence Shows Us Some Around The Way Love

Well, what a nice surprise. Don’t get too hype, the article isn’t specifically about us but is about the importance of meetups and blogs of our content. Essence says,

“Originally designed to celebrate the diversity of our hair, the meetups have largely evolved into an essential resource for women who want to learn better way to care for their tresses while connecting with other naturalistas. It’s like having a room full of girlfriends giving their best advice, and the camaraderie is priceless”. 

 Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Speaking of meetups, our girl Shanti has something brewing for Philly. Deets to come. Make sure you pick up your copy of this month’s Essence!

Behind the Scenes of the Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement Documentary.

shanti, around the way curls, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Shanti getting that face beat by Lakeisha Taylor. Photo stolen from  Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
“Designed as a series for Transitioning Movement, this series would be the first show of its kind, a show that, when put together, defines, entertains and exposes viewers to natural hair terminology and hairstyles in a comprehensive way, while getting a sneak peek into the lives of women who share their own candid, incredibly diverse hair stories. Our target audience is the transitioning woman or woman who’s thinking of transitioning and is wondering “What exactly am I going to do with my hair?” and “How can I achieve my own, unique look?” –Carol’s Daughter
This past Saturday we had the pleasure of shooting the up and coming Transitioning Movement Documentary brought to you by Carol’s Daughter. Now that I think about it, it’s really dope that we were able to participate in this little piece of documented history. I grew up always being told that it didn’t happen unless you document it and it’s really a great thing that the folks over at Carol’s Daughter acknowledge that what we are witnessing today is indeed historic and worth being archived for the future. This uprise of natural hair acceptance and exposure is an indication of self love within communities that in the past, have only been fed self hate. And remember, “The worst thing about that kind of prejudice… is that while you feel hurt and angry and all the rest of it, it feeds you self-doubt. You start thinking, perhaps I am not good enough.”(Nina Simone) And as a result, we are collectively becoming more empowered, self aware and whole. 
So, big ups to Carol’s Daughter and the Transitioning Movement Team. You are appreciated (2Pac voice). And it was such a pleasure to get a chance to really sit down and kick it with some of our fellow bloggers and vloggers. We were honored to be in your company. And lastly, Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana and Chescaleigh together are some funny mutha suckas and honorary Around the Way Curls. #comedy
(Excuse the Photo Quality in advance. I was working with my iPhone)
heye fran hey, chescaleigh, Cipriana, Shanti, natural hair, bloggers, carol's daughter
The ladies chillin before the round table.
The beautiful Tara Aura
The beautiful Tara Aura
urban bush babes, cipriana, tranistioning movement, carol's daughter
Cipriana getting that face beat.
antoinette, around the way curls, transitioning movement, carol's daughter, natural hair
Me getting that hair tossed by hairstylist Dailey Greene.
carol's daughter,transitioning movement, around the way curls, natural hair, antoinette, shanti
Chillin with no make up on/that’s when we’re the prettiest/ I hope that you don’t take us wrong. Photo stolen from  Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
shanti and antoinette, around the way curls, natural hair, transitioning movement Carol's Daughter
Boo lovin after hair and make up. I’ll spare you the mean mug pictures.
The livest, most fun and helpful crew eva! Photo stolen from  Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
hey fran hey, chescaleigh, transitioning movement, carol's daughter
Fran and Fran. Photo stolen from  Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
around the way curls, shanti and antoinette, natural hair, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Shanti being sucked in to the wonders of the iPhone. Photo stolen from  Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
hey fran hey, chescaleigh, urban bush babes,around the way curls, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Out in Bed Stuy, chillin on the steps, drinking quarter waters, it’s gotta be the best.
hey fran hey, chescaleigh, urban bush babes,around the way curls, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Mean Mug.
hey fran hey, chescaleigh, urban bush babes,around the way curls, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Gansta’s Paradise
hey fran hey, chescaleigh, urban bush babes,around the way curls, carol's daughter, transitioning movement
Naturally Hood
We’ll keep you posted on the documentary’s release date : )

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